Reaching the next level of HTML5 [infographic]

In this infographic, IDC notes that 79% of surveyed mobile app developers plan to integrate HTML5 in the apps they will launch in 2012; there will be more than 1 billion HTML5 mobile browsers in the market in 2013; and over 80% of all mobile apps will be wholly or in part based upon HTML5 by 2015.

This infographic is anticipated to be the first in a series of updates that sets mobile HTML5 development in the broader context of the Core Mobile Web Platform Community (Coremob), a forum for the global mobile developer and IT community to focus and accelerate the evolution of the Mobile Web as a compelling platform for app development.

The infographic also highlights current HTML5 mobile browser capabilities in supporting key mobile app types, with data point estimates that were jointly developed by IDC and Facebook. The mobile browser capabilities data points were in turn measured by Ringmark, the mobile browser testing suite of core browser capabilities that developers can use to build HTML5 mobile apps. Developed in support of Coremob, Ringmark is open source and freely available to anyone to use.

"HTML5 is one of the fastest evolving and most important areas of mobile app innovation. Ringmark in turn is an important tool providing mobile app developers the ability to test how well different mobile browsers support key app functionalities, allowing developers to strategize and code accordingly," notes Scott Ellison, vice president, Mobile & Connected Consumer Platforms at IDC. "Coremob and Ringmark will also provide mobile browser providers, and the IT industry, valuable insights into how to further develop HTML5 mobile browser capabilities to accelerate the already explosive growth of the mobile apps space."

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