Infographic: Making it big with Android Apps

Most app makers are really interested in making a lot of money fast, and unfortunately, as the market gets more and more saturated with apps, getting rich quickly is becoming more and more difficult. Even making a reasonable profit from an app is getting more complicated. Take heart, though. There is also an upside.

Inneractive explains it very well in this infographic, which first appeared on GigaOm on March 28, 2012.

So here’s what they’re saying, based on AppsGeyser’s research of over 100,000 apps created in over 200 different countries:

Getting to 50k downloads is getting harder and harder as Google Play gets flooded with more and more apps of all quality levels. On the other hand, getting the first 500 downloads has increased with the increasing popularity of Android in general and mobile apps specifically.

This especially highlights the advantages of marketing your app to niche markets. Getting to the first group of customers has become easier, particularly if the app uses keywords which are not overly popular, such as those specific to an industry, pastime, or craft.

Our research shows that releasing a network of 7 or more apps is the best way to get to 100k downloads in six months. You can see it all very clearly in the infographic below:

The laws of apptraction - Inneractive's March Infographic

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