Late Google Play payment poses serious support questions

Google has apologised, albeit briefly, to Android developers who had to wait almost two weeks for late Google Checkout payments; but question marks have been raised over the company's developer support services.

Developers from around the world had complained on the Android forum that payment had not been received for apps that had been downloaded from Google Play in March.

With payments usually issued on 2 of the month, developers are accustomed to seeing the cash hit their bank accounts on 7. However, the forum showed complaints from people in Norway, Austria, Portugal, France, U.K., Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Spain.

On Saturday, a Google representative, Crystal H, posted in the forum that the payments had now been sent, and developers could expect to see the money in their accounts within three working days.

"We apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced and appreciate your understanding,” read the post, which was also distributed as an email to affected developers.

However, understanding is something that may be in short supply, given the bad feeling that Google’s lack of communication has stirred up. The situation appears to have uncovered a serious flaw in the support Google offers its developers, with seemingly no direct channel provided where they can contact a real person.

“I find it odd that you "appreciate" my understanding, because you do not have my understanding,” wrote one, ‘benderapp’.  

“We deserve and require a method of communicating with them when there are problems,” they continued.  “They have our money when things go wrong. Our businesses, homes and families depend on us being able to talk to them!”

Google has invited affected developers to respond to the email if they have any ‘additional questions’.

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