Mubaloo's iPad 3 predictions: What would you like to see?

With Apple’s iPad 3 keynote only one day away, everyone is making their own predictions. The rumour mill is running at full capacity, and many agree that a product launch is to be expected within the next two months. However, debate is raging about what the device will look like and what exciting new features the Cupertino boffins have included.


Leading UK app developer, Mubaloo, make their predictions:

  • Double size retina display. This is likely to push the iPad in line with the HD boundaries creating the first iPad HD.
  • 4G LTE compatibility for iPad 3 will enable faster data access.
  • Re-design. Apple is likely to make the iPad thinner but we think they could reshape the back of the iPad to make it thinner at the ends, much like the Macbook Air.
  • Siri integration
  • New A6 processor that will make the iPad faster
  • Graphical chip set for HD display – this will be necessary for the retina display.
  • Microsoft Office on iPad. This may not be a part of the keynote tomorrow but we predict this is not far away.

What we are not expecting:

  • A lot of people are talking about the new iPad having a thunderbolt port but we are not convinced. With such a huge accessory business surely we would have seen accessory leaks by now if this were to be the case? More likely we will see a cable with a thunderbolt on the end of a USB but we do not expect it to be a port on the iPad.
  • There have been rumours of an SD card slot on the iPad, but we remain unconvinced. This would make the iPad thicker in width and with the use of iCloud we are not sure the demand is there?

What we are curious about…

As well as our predictions for the new iPad, there are a few things we are not so sure about but are curious to see…

  1. Chomp may be a recent acquisition for Apple, but have people been working in the background on this? Maybe now is too early but we are definitely excited to see what happens here with the App Store and knowing how quickly Apple were with Siri we do not think it is outside the realms of possibility that this could be featured in the new iPad.
  2. Syncing with the Mac. One thing is for sure and that is the importance of Apple syncing Mac’s, iPhones and iPads together, this is clear through Mountain Lion. We are curious to see whether or not this will have an impact on the new iPad in some way.

Lastly, what if tomorrow turns out to be focused on Apple TV? Or if it is about the new iPad, will we see new software that integrates the iPad with Apple TV?

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