Three keys to being found in Google Play

There’s a lot of talk about improving your ranking in Google Play, and that’s not a bad thing to be concerned about, but the talk forgets something very important.

Most people aren’t browsing categories; they’re searching for a specific app or type of app. 75% of users who enter Google Play and end up downloading an app get to that app through searching, not browsing.

This means that you need to work on search optimisation in Google Play.

There are three really important keys to being found in Google Play:

1. The Title. Your app title must include the most important keyword for your app.

The title is the most important piece of information that you give a reader before they decide whether to download your app. Don’t be cute. Be concise and obvious.

2. The App Description. Again, don’t try to be cute. Be concise, be obvious.

Explain everything good that your app does. Explain the pain or problem that it solves. Use keywords liberally, but only where they belong. Keyword loading may not always be penalised, but it will get you in trouble in the long run.

3. Ratio of Installations to Uninstalls/Frequency of Use. This is the one (or two) that you can’t directly control, but it’s the most important.

This is the clearest measure Google has of how valuable an app is. Anyone can be paid to give a high rating, but no one will keep a bad app installed and use it daily.

If an app is used regularly, Google knows it’s good, and it will climb to the top of its group. If most people who download your app uninstall it, it’s a sign that your app doesn’t live up to its promises or that there’s a superior app out there that performs the same task.

While you obviously can’t control your user’s actions directly, you can create an app that leads them down the path you want them to take. An app can be useful, addictive, powerful, or fun. There is no shortcut to a quality app. The app has to offer users something they want or need. Only then will it attract hits from Google Play searches.

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