Google Play lets developers reply to user feedback

User comments can be a powerful force for both good and evil within app stores, and Google Play is now experimenting with giving developers the ability to respond to user comments.

The functionality is already available for developers with a ‘Top Developer Badge’, hand-picked by the Google Play team, allowing them to respond to user feedback directly from within the Google Play console.

Google will notify users when a developer has responded to their comment, and will also be able to contact the developer directly if they feel the need to continue the discussions or suggest more changes.

“Developers can gather additional information, provide guidance, and — perhaps most importantly — let users know when their feature requests have been implemented,” said Google in a blog.

Based on feedback from users and developers in this limited trial, the company says it will offer feature to additional developers in the future.

“Conversations are meant to be two-sided,” it said. “And facilitating discussion between developers and users will ultimately yield better apps, to the benefit of everyone.”

Could an altered perception of the feedback channel as a two-way conversation rather than a faceless, anonymous conduit to vent their frustrations make people think twice before posting damaging, troll-like criticisms?  

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