iPad dominates tablet video consumption

Almost all of the online videos watched on tablets were on iPads in the last quarter, according to a new report.

Digital TV specialist Oolaya’s quarterly Global Online Video Index report found that 88% of videos watched on connected devices were viewed on TVs and games consoles, up from 57% in the previous quarter.

Tablet viewing was dominated by iPad. In fact, since the launch of the latest iPad, the amount of video watched on tablets has increased by a quarter. “iPads presently account for 95% of tablet video viewing,” said the report.

Long-form video content, that is, videos lasting more than ten minutes, made up more than half of all video viewed online on connected TVs, and games consoles over Q1 this year, and forms an increasing percentage of the video viewed on smartphones.

About 40% of time spent watching video on tablets and smartphones was of long-form content, compared with 29% for mobiles and 36% for tablets in the fourth quarter of 2011.


Download the full report here.

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