How well does RIM treat its developers?

RIM’s VP of developer relations has leapt on reports that Blackberry is ‘bleeding developers’, insisting that the story holds very little resemblance to reality, and that, in fact, feedback suggests that RIM treats its developers better than anyone else.

On Friday, AllThingsD cited a report from Baird equity Research, claiming that developer support for embattled Blackberry platforms was at a ‘new low’, “31% of sampled BlackBerry 10 developers said they have shifted some or all of their work away from BB10”, it reported.

However, responding to the claims in a blog entitled ‘Bleeding Developers? Far from it’, Saunders said that the report contradicted much of what he saw and heard from the company’s developer community.

“Needless to say, I was pretty shocked by the findings,” he wrote. “I was shocked because the numbers in the report do not gel with what we’re seeing in the real world.”

RIM has seen a lot of the value wiped from its value as competition in the increasingly tough smartphone market has taken its toll. The Baird report said: “We believe that many developers who planned to jump ship have already made the move, leaving a BlackBerry developer base that is smaller but increasingly loyal.”

However, in his blog post Saunders said that the BlackBerry App World vendor base had grown by 157% in the last year, with the company recently passing the 3bn download milestone. He also said that the recent BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour was oversubscribed in “almost every city”, with the company meeting almost 5,000 developers.

Bold numbers and bolder claims from the RIM developer relations VP. “I am hearing again and again that developers are amazed by how easy it is to work with the BlackBerry 10 tools,” he wrote. “They appreciate the open nature of our platform, which allows developers to bring their work and their skills and find a toolset that will work for them.”

Last month we reported that market analysts Vision Mobile, had found BlackBerry developers would earned more per app than iOS and Android developers, with the BlackBerry dev taking home on average $3,853 per month compared to $3,693 for iOS and $2,735 for Android.

So how well does RIM treat its developers? Let us know...

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