5 key thoughts to marketing your mobile app development

The years 2012, with the global demand and supply of mobile apps continuously rising, it is vital to ensure your mobile app development benefits from the exposure it deserves.

The following 5 tips for mobile app development are vital thoughts to implementing your mobile app strategy.

1. Is there a benefit for the end user of my app? When developing your mobile app solution, keep your end user at the front of the project. Ask yourself questions such as how will this benefit my customer, what can they do now that they couldn’t before? If you cannot think of any reason that gives your mobile app a real value, then it will not be a mobile app used daily. But more likely a one hit wonder, downloaded and then neglected.

2. Make sure your mobile app is ready for the market You have devoted time, effort and resource into your mobile app development. The functionality of the mobile app may be groundbreaking, however if faults and bugs are in your app, you start off on the back foot. Spend time testing the app to ensure it is bug free on a range of devices. In short, effective and rigorous testing.

3. Don’t be complacent Your app is unlikely to achieve widespread success if you are the only person that knows about it. An effective mobile marketing campaign will ensure your mobile app is found in the crowded marketplace – be prepared to devote time and funds to it. Complacency about marketing an app properly can result in it being overlooked, no matter how good it is. It is important to partner with a mobile app developer that can provide guidance and support to marketing your app.

4. Utilise that product description in the app store Once you have your app finalised, don’t let the project down by failing to spend time on your app description. A snappy (typo free) product description is your opportunity to capture the market – make it creative, exciting and intriguing. Creating an area either within your existing site or a separate landing page to offer support and app updates to your mobile app can help customers find all the latest information regarding your app.

5. Choose your marketing channels wisely There are a number of marketing channels to use. Advertising, for example, can take your product to its intended audience, but for new developers who lack the budget, it can severely deplete available funds. See if your app developer can get you any deals on marketing options. For instance app reviews, links from their site, Press releases etc.

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