New Year’s Resolutions for App Makers

new years resolutions for app-makersHappy New Year!

It’s 2012, and if you believe the Mayans, this is the last year you can make your mark in the world. Even if you don’t believe the Mayans, don’t let the year slip by without making a mark. This is YOUR year. This is the year that you succeed. Every one of you is unique and has something to offer the world. Make an app that shows it!

In case your resolutions, like most of us, are along the lines of ‘lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with friends,’ we’ve made you a list of ten app-maker resolutions:

1. I will build a new app at least once a month. By building a new app each month, I will create a constellation of apps that lead users to each other. Some of my apps will be free, and some will be paid. Some will be great, and others just good, but no bad apps will be allowed.

2. I will reach out to my users. I will create a Facebook fan page, a Google+ page, and create a Twitter presence. I will respond to my users at least four times a week, and if I will be away, I will let my users know.

3. I will ask questions. If I don’t know how to do something, I will ask the support team for help. (Soon there will be a forum, so you’ll be able to ask fellow developers.)

4. I will update my apps every 4-6 weeks with useful updates. This way, my users will know that I take their feedback seriously.

5. I will write great app descriptions in the Android Market. This way, users will find my apps easily.

6. I will make sure all of my apps have custom icons, and not the AppsGeyser default icon. This will make my app look more professional.

7. I will make sure that all my content is mobile-friendly. My users will enjoy using my app.

8. I will change my Flash to HTML5. That way, everyone will be able to use my app without seeing a sad little blue square.

9. I will teach my friends how to build apps. They have some great ideas, and I want to see them succeed too!

10. I will add a custom banner or a monetization banner to all of my successful apps. Since my banner will be viewed fully half of the time my app is in use, I want to make it count!

Print them out, hang them up over your workstation, and stick to them. This can be the year that your amateur app-making becomes a business, or your app-making business flourishes!

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