Mozilla partners with Telefonica on new mobile web-OS #mwc12

Mozilla has announced that it will partner with Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica on its new browser based mobile OS.

The first phones are expected to launch later this year, running on an Android kernel, with processes like calls, messaging and games run though the Firefox browser. Mozilla has also partnered with the processor manufacturer Qualcomm to build the hardware for the devices.

The technology behind Mozilla’s new phones enables the component price to be drastically reduced, said Carlos Dmingo, Telefonica’s digital director of product development. In fact, the Mozilla phone would be ten times cheaper than the iPhone, he said.

“Telefonica's objective is to drive HTML5 adoption across the industry. For the first time the capabilities of HTML5 and the open Web have been fully leveraged to create an entirely new mobile platform,” he added.

“From our experience in Latin America we know that a huge part of the market is not being catered for by current smartphones. With new open Web devices we will be able to offer a smartphone experience at the right price point for these customers.”

Deutsche Telekom are also said to be interested in Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project, the name the new OS has been given, and will bring a significant level of developer resource to the table. Though with significant ground to make up on the market leaders Android and Apple iOS, with their loyal developer bases and entrenched relationships with operators, the project still has some significant hurdles to overcome.

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