PaymentOne releases HTML5 billing API

M-commerce specialist PaymentOne has released its new mobile API for html5 apps, enabling developers to monetise their web apps using direct billing in the same way they would with native apps.

The PayOne HTML5 API provides an HTML5-compliant Web-based payment flow for developers of mobile games and applications looking to monetize their offerings across all platforms and devices with a highly secure and frictionless "charge it to my mobile phone bill" payment method.

PaymentOne has already processed in excess of $5 billion in direct-to-carrier billings with micro transactions typical of in-app purchases and game subscriptions for clients including Blizzard Entertainment, America Online, Gaia and WeeWorld.

HTML5 is experiencing robust take-up among developers as new handsets hit the market incorporating HTML5 enabled browsers. Industry analyst IDC predicts that 15% of apps launched this year will be HTML5 apps, and by 2013, a billion HTML5 enabled handsets will be in circulation.

"There isn't any question about the adoption of HTML5; it's fast becoming the de facto standard," said Janel Garvin, CEO of market intelligence firm Evans Data. "There is special strength in HTML5 for mobile and cross-platform mobile apps, which is the direction the industry is moving for client devices, and that has made it extremely attractive to developers everywhere in the world."

"HTML5 makes every device a potential commerce opportunity for developers of games and apps," said Brad Singer, PaymentOne executive vice president. "The rise of HTML5 means developers can easily expand their reach across platforms, and the PayOne HTML5 API lets developers build once and monetize everywhere via the open Web."

HTML5 developers can contact for information on the simple next steps to integrate PaymentOne's HTML5 API into their games and Web apps.

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