Java named most popular programming language, but for how long?

Java has been named the most popular programming language, but its competitors are now slowly creeping up to take the top spot.

The language is used by 17.05% of developers, slightly lower than last year’s percentage where 18.48% chose to use the language.  C came a close second in the running with 16.52%.

C# and C++ were also high up in developer choice, with 8.65% and 7.85% respectively. However, a big difference can be seen with Objective-C and PHP.

Objective-C is gaining popularity since being associated with Apple iOS, holding 7.06% compared to just 2.57% last year. However, web-based PHP has dropped from 6.97% down to 5.64% within a year.

"Java has a chance to remain number one now that Android is the most frequently used mobile platform," said Paul Jansen, Tiobe's managing director. "On the other hand, lots of small devices (and there appear to be more and more of these in this world) are still being programmed in C. I expect that Java will remain number 1 for at least the next six months.”

The rankings were made in this month’s Tiobe Community Programming Index, which looks at the popularity of programming languages with third-party vendors and engineers each month.

The question is: Could we see different results in a month's time? Or by this time next year? How can Java grab developers' attentions again in order to keep the top spot?

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