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When AppsGeyser added the new monetization program, we knew it could make big money for our app makers, and every person in the team had a different vision of how an app banner could make money. Now that we’ve seen it in action, we can tell you it works.

It works differently for each app-maker. An important thing to note is that the banner is another place to put HTML. Anything that can be done in HTML can be done in the banner, as long as the image size is 480×80.

Here are some great monetization options that we’ve seen in action:

1. Ad networks Ad networks are the easiest way to monetize. Sign up with AdMob or Inneractive (We’ll have a post explaining how to do that next week, if you’re having difficulty.) and put their banner into your app. This is uncomplicated, and can produce revenue if the ad network has ads that are relevant to your app. If, for example, you have an app that helps people find directions in the town of Munich, Germany, though, it’s going to be hard to have relevant ads. Instead of a regular ad network, you can try one of the other options.

2. Local Ad Networks This should really be 1b, but as shown in the previous example, if an app is specific to a local market, mobile ads from a local network might be more useful – for example, a German ad network for a Munich map app.

3. Facebook Like Button/ Twitter Follow Button If bringing people to your Facebook or Twitter page is a good way to get customers (this depends a lot on your industry, of course), then use your app’s banner to get them to Like or Follow you. Be sure to be honest, though. Make it clear what people are Liking or Following. Remember that people who Like your page and then ‘unlike’  it count against you in Graphrank (the new version of PageRank).

4. Direct People to Your Existing Website For example, if you operate a fine restaurant, you might make a recipe app with gourmet recipes, and then run a banner which directs customers to the restaurant’s site, preferably to the page on the site where they can make reservations.

5. Use Direct Advertisements for Other Businesses This can be done in two ways. Either businesses can pay for ad-space, or they can pay for referrals. In the case of the Munich street map, for example, offering ad space to a nice restaurant in Munich might be useful. You might have to pound the pavement a little to find local businesses interested in advertising in an app.

6. Become an Affiliate Being an affiliate entails bringing customers to another site and getting them to spend money there. There are affiliates in every niche. For example, a recipe app could become an affiliate for an online restaurant supplier. If you’re looking to find a site that you can become an affiliate for, search Commission Junction or Affiliate Tips.

7. Advertise Your Business Clearly, you can use an app to advertise your own brick-and-mortar business or online business.

8.Advertise a Paid App If you have a free app, the banner is a great way to advertise a paid app!

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