Making sense of the Android app markets

So you think that all the work is over now that you have created your app? Well, it is not quite over until your app is being downloaded and used in one of the Android app markets. Before you get started on publishing your app you need to understand what Android app markets really means.

What are Android App Markets?

App markets are places where you go to find, download and publish Android apps, unlike Apple, Android does not limit its potential audience to just one market but it offers what some claim to be a rather fragmented market. GooglePlay is the most widely used Android App market as this comes already installed on all Android devices. Other prominent competitors to Google Play are Amazon app store and GetJar app store.

Why can’t I publish my app on my website only?

You can, however look at it like food; you can go and sell your brand of food in your own little shop at the corner of the village, but how many people will realize you are there? Not many, but if you sell your branded food in a large retail supermarket you will instantly grow your audience. In a large store you are not only are your growing your audience, you are also increasing the awareness of your brand.

Which Android app market should I publish to?

Well, we can’t tell you which store you should publish your app to because this is a personal decision. What we do recommend is that you try more than one place for your app and see which is most successful for you. Again, look at your branded food, if you sell your food in the largest supermarket in town, the audience is going to be large, however, so is the competition. How do you know that from the seventeen different types of rice, the consumers will choose yours? If you also sell your food in the slightly smaller supermarket down the road, that stocks less and has less people coming through their doors, you may have more of a chance of your rice being chosen, as the consumer only has 3 to choose from.

Is this your answer, to go for the smaller marketplace? Think again. Your friend that loves your rice has recommended you to her friend, the only problem is, her friend only shops in the large supermarket because it is in her street and convenient. GooglePlay is convenient for many people because it is already installed.

It is so expensive to publish an app

Some app stores do charge a fee for publishing your app, such as GooglePlay and Amazon, however there are some free app stores that you may wish to start with. We recommend starting out with the free stores, learn from your mistakes before paying for your final perfected app. We have a full comparison list of our favorite stores here.

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