Petition for devs desperate for HTC to release code earlier

A petition on is asking for HTC to alter its policy on kernel source code releases.

The issue arises from the fact that while HTC has started to release unlock codes, the lack of a source code for up to four months after is something of a stumbling block, especially for developers who need to rely on custom ROMs.

“[HTC] seem[s] to not care when it comes to how long after an update is pushed or a phone is released that it takes them to release their source code,” the petition rages.

It continues: “While other companies such as Samsung release their kernel source the same day as a phone is released or an update is pushed to a device, HTC follows a different path.”

The petition is looking for 7,000 signatures, and has gotten over 2,000 thus far.

Mike Malloy, the author of the petition, goes on to explain the potential ramifications of HTC’s actions, in that the three to four month delay contravenes the General Public License guideline of 14 days.

“I think it is outrageous for a company of this size and significance in the market to consistently commit copyright violation (or at least walk borderline with it) and thus mistreat the very copyright holders that have created the operating system kernel they use in their devices,” he says.

Even though Malloy insists he doesn’t want to bring down HTC with this petition, the manufacturer appeasr to have a reputation for dragging its heels on source code releases, to say the least.

Pocketables perhaps summed it up best, using the word “finally” three times – one of which was italicised – when reporting the source code for HTC EVO 4G LTE and One S was released back in July.

If you agree with Malloy, the petition is available to view and sign here.

But do you agree? Do you think HTC is wrong in their position?

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