3 Ways to Earn Loyalty: Push an Emotional Trigger in Your Android App

Human beings are not logical creatures. If we were, then we would all start saving for our retirement from the moment we start working, eat healthy and exercise from day one – instead of when we need to. We’re pulled by our emotions. It binds us to the people we love and the brands we’re loyal to. And we want loyalty to our app. So how does one create an emotional trigger inside of an app?


Path, Instagram & Draw Something all trigger an emotional trigger. Path is about your close friends only. It’s a place to feel safe and be open. Instagram is the easiest way to share photos (i.e. part of your life or a subject that you love) with others. Draw Something shows off your terrible (ok, maybe that’s just me) drawing skills to your friends – bringing laughter and joy.

Not every emotional reaction has to come from high design. I Can Have Cheezburger is a great example of a simple website which could easily be made into an app that would stir an emotional response – laughter. Same with College Humor (the YouTube Channel especially). The other day I was listening to an 80′s new wave radio station from my phone to the car (I’m old – don’t judge me) and I can’t describe how happy it made me listening to the music of my youth while stuck in traffic. Radio stations are extremely easy to create via AppsGeyser.

People have more loyalty for the brands that pull an emotional trigger. In blind taste tests Pepsi performs better than Coke, however, once the blindfold is off – Coke beats Pepsi by a mile (and it shows in the company stocks as well). Why is this? The emotions that Coke triggers negates the section of the brain that controls taste. And as Coke has better branding than Pepsi it generates more positive emotion. That emotion controls our loyalty and our pocketbooks.

The real question is – what emotion do you want to trigger?


Good design stirs us. It’s the reason why haute couture still exists and Apple has fanboys (and girls). Creating a well thought out visual design to your app means simplifying the web elements so that navigation is clear. Instead of multiple columns of text, which looks great on a website – make one column of text (not too wide). Minimize graphics to the most basic elements that pop instead of cluttered design. Think about font size – not all of us have perfect vision – and the older we get (keep the comments to yourself) the harder it is to differentiate subtle color differences. I’ve seen 2 year olds with glasses – think of them – make sure everyone can read the font sizes on your app without expanding. Keep contrast between the text and the background – and for goodness sake – Do Not Put White Text on a Black Background. I just finished reading David Ogilvy’s book – Confessions of an Advertising Man and he said that white text on a black background is the best way to make sure no one reads your copy.


Push notifications can be either the angel that promotes your app or the devil that makes your users hate you and turn them off. We recommend doing the former and avoiding the latter. How? Make sure that the notifications put out there are for the benefit of the user. Show the user how much you care and they will respond in turn.

Give people the ability to share from your app. Facebook, Google+, Twitter – if you’re about images then Pinterest and if about content then also Reddit and Digg.

Be there when they need you. Do you have a Facebook Page for your app? What about Twitter? If someone has a question / comment / compliment – can they find you? Because they should be able to.

Bonus Advice: Babies & Kittens

Kittens and babies rule the internet. There’s a reason for that – they are cute and we love them. What does this have to do with your app? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t even need to be that relevant to work. [See video below.] (You’re welcome to prove me wrong. Come back to tell me – I’ll change this post & add your name to it as well :)


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