Should app developers choose Android over Apple?

Developers are taking notice to the increasing number of Android app downloads, which could soon overtake Apple’s iOS system.

Both platforms will hold around 3.2bn downloads by June 2012, according to a report by download tracker Xyologic.

Apple are currently still in the lead to Android, with 1.45 billion downloads compared to Android’s 640 million last month.

This means that developers are now choosing to create apps for Android more so than its competitor.

Matthaus Krzykowski, cofounder of Xyologic, said: “In the coming months, we will see a number of countries where Android becomes platform option number one if you are looking for the largest audiences.”

Poland, the Czech Republic and Portugal are the first countries where Android downloads have exceeded Apple, he added.

The persistent creep of Android downloads will not have escaped the notice of app developers, with new apps being added to the Android Market at almost double the rate of Apple’s App Store.

The increasing number of apps will make a big difference for market size, as both the Android Market and Apple App Store will each have around 680,000 apps by August 2012.

Krzykowski said: “Apple will need to look for a different marketing angle by May 2013. By this time Android will catch up with Apple and both app stores will have totaled 88 billion app downloads.”

To see the full report, go to Xyologic’s website.

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