Do we need a new web app icon?

With some of the key players like Google, Apple and Adobe piling resources into the development of HTML5, the proliferation of web apps is hotly tipped to be one of the app development stories of 2012.

There are a number of arguments for and against this point of view. We’re still not yet in a world were a web app will generally perform with the same level of deeply integrated usability that a native app can offer users.

Though with rapid adoption of faster 4G LTE mobile networks just on the doorstep, the promised rapid data speeds being dangled in front of our eyes make the widespread use of web apps all the more viable.

However, app store owner Mobgets believes that end users need to be made aware whether the app they’re downloading is a native or web app.

In short, we need a new icon, it says. “Mobgets is acutely aware of the need for this. There is no globally recognised icon to represent a web app.”

So, in collaboration with the digital agency Skyron, it’s unleashed one upon the world. What do we reckon? Will it catch on?

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