App developers earn more with Apple than Android

Apple has brought in the most money that is spent on applications, despite Android grabbing over half of smartphone market share.

This is according to a report by Piper Jaffrey, which found Apple's iOS hitting between 85-90% in gross revenue, compared to Google's Android that reached 7% out of the amount that App Store took since its release.

Over $3.4 billion was earned by Apple developers this year, whereas Android developers only made $240 million, the report said.

This could be reflected by the amount of paid apps available on each app store. For total app downloads, Apple’s App Store had 13.5% that were paid apps, whereas the Android Market had only 1.3% of paid apps downloaded.

In a research note to investors, Munster said: “While Google has closed the gap in terms of app dollars spent over the last year and we continue to believe Android will grow smartphone share faster than Apple, we believe Apple is likely to maintain 70%+ share of mobile app dollars spent over the next 3-4 years."

This shows that app developers are currently at an advantage if working with Apple iOS, but this could all change if Android keeps hold of smartphone shares and developers notice the potential in the Google-based platform.

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5 Dec 2011, 5:38 p.m.

Not surprising. We released two paid apps on Android, one has sold 67 copies, but the free ad supported version of that app has been downloaded over 20k times on Android Market and over 500k times across other Android app stores.