Facebook hires new tech team to expand offerings to smartphones and tablets

The social networking giant has brought a small team of mobile technology developers on board to help create more apps compatible with other mobile devices.

Facebook announced this week that it has completed a "talent acquisition" from San Fransisco-based start-up, Strobe Corp. The 15-strong employee base specialises in developing technology which helps developers create and distribute applications using HTML5 technology that can run on various devices including mobile phones, tablet PCs and desktop PCs, making it an ideal talent pool for finding developers to help push forward Facebook's future plans.

Speaking about the new move, a spokesperson for Facebook said: "Founder and CEO Charles Jolley will join our mobile engineering team, and we're looking forward to the major impact the Strobe team will undoubtedly make at Facebook."

The number of people joining the new development team was undisclosed as were the financial terms of the deal. The move comes as Facebook hits over 800 million members who are increasingly using additional mobile devices to access the site. Only last month the much-heralded iPad app launched as well as support available for users of social games on its mobile app.

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