Developers prefer iOS to Android for app projects

App developers still choose to work with iOS rather than Android, despite reports that Android’s marketshare has increased significantly during 2011.

New research by Flurry Analytics has found that three quarters of new developer projects were started on iOS rather than Android across the second half of this year.  This increased from 63% of new mobile app projects from earlier in the year.

Android only saw 37% of developers favouring the platform for projects. It has also seen a decline in developer support over the year, which held a one-third at the beginning of 2011, but is now down to a one-quarter for its projects.

The study focused on the number of applications and new projects that were developed on both platforms during 2011 that are linked with Flurry technology, which equalled to over 16,000.

The findings come after Google Chairman Eric Schmidt stated, during the Le Web conference in France recently, that developers will find Android appealing next year, thanks to its boost in marketshare, lower price and access to more vendors.

Peter Farago, Vice President of Marketing, wrote on the Flurry blog: "The highly successful launches of iPad 2 in February and iPhone 4S in October resulted in increased developer support for Apple. By contrast, Android does not enjoy a truly recognizable flagship device among its army of OEMs supporting the platform."

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