5 Secrets to Unlock a Higher Rank in Android Market

Android Market ranking soars sky-high!In the app world, distribution is the only obstacle standing between a great app and great success. Since the number one place for downloading apps for Android is in the Android Market, an app’s ranking there is the app’s biggest asset. There are no guarantees that your app will get to the top of the Market even if it’s the best app, but these secrets will help raise your app’s ranking substantially!

  1. First, go for niches. Make sure that your app description includes any specific niche function that the app has. For example, if it’s a productivity app, be sure to say that it’s good for accounting and personal financial planning, rather than just saying it’s ‘money management’ software. The more specific the keywords, the more likely the app is to reach the right audience.
  2. Get the app rated as much as possible. AppsGeyser has an easy way to add a rating button, but you’ll need to instruct your app users to use the ‘settings’ button to rate the app. More ratings, if they’re good, will get a higher ranking!
  3. Make more than one app, in more than one category, even if the other apps aren’t great. As long as they’re valid, working apps, they’ll help push your ranking up.
  4. Make sure your app works and doesn’t crash. Crash reports trash your rating!
  5. Update your app regularly – every 4-6 weeks. There are (at least) three reasons for this. The first is that it shows commitment to your customers. The second is that the upgrade reminder will remind customers to use your app, and app usages raise the app’s ranking. The third reason is that updated apps are often categorized as new releases for a day or two, giving extra exposure!

By following these five tips, a good app can quickly become a popular app! Do you have any more tips? Leave a comment!

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