5 Reasons Your Site Should Be Mobile-Friendly Before it’s an Android App

Make your blogger blog mobile-friendlyRecently, we discussed making your site mobile-friendly. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering if it’s a necessary step. Let me assure you that it is! Here’s why:

1. Android Market has been removing apps that aren’t optimized for mobile. Since Android Market is the best place for app discovery, having your app removed from the Market means a significant loss of exposure.

2. When people open your app, if it is not mobile-friendly, navigation will be difficult and they may choose not to use the app in the future.

3. An app that is pleasant to use and takes the screen size into consideration is an app that is likely to be shared with friends or on Facebook.

4. Apps that are mobile-friendly get more usages, which means a higher ranking in apps stores.

5. Having your site optimized for mobile means that people using your site through a mobile browser will also have a better experience, meaning exposure to all mobile operating systems.

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