5 Ways to Make Money from a Free App

Make loads of money from a free Android appWe’ve talked about ways to make money from an app without selling it before. Since it’s a subject that has generated a lot of curiosity, we thought we’d revisit it.

Last time, we talked about 3 ways to make money from a free app. This time, we’ll discuss those same ways from a slightly different angle and add another two great tips.

  1. In-app ads – Banners in your app can make a free app earn you big money. The more people who download and use your app, the better this goes.
  2. Freemium/in-app (boost) purchases – It works well with games. Give the game for free, but make the goodies and the best levels cost money.
  3. Promote your business - Use your app to promote your business. An app can give basic information about your business and offer some kind of added value. For example, if you own a garage, your app could include tips on getting better mileage, tips on changing the oil, and a list of ways to know it’s time to come in to the garage!
  4. Promote paid app – A free app can be just the way to prove that your paid app is worth the money. Make sure to give enough functionality in the free app to show off your product while still leaving the big guns to the paid app. You can also create an ad-supported app and offer an ad-free version as a paid app. Be aware, though, that many Android users will choose the ads over the paid version.
  5. App as online store - If your app is an online store, it can be a great way to make money. Online merchant apps need to be carefully designed, though, because most people don’t want to take a whole shopping trip on their phone!

As you can see, it’s not always worth selling your app. Sometimes, when you give it away, the money comes to you anyway!

Image by epSos.de

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