Top tips to develop a successful app for the consumer

Developers must create an emotional experience when making an app, according to a panel of industry experts at Apps World Europe on Monday.

Regular users are made if a connection is made between the app and the audience, if the app is suited to the target’s needs. However, it was agreed that this wasn’t the only reason behind building successful applications, and developers must be tuned in to other aspects involved with the consumer.

Grab their attention 

Andrew Ashe, MD of EuroTalk, advised developers to focus on the first 60 seconds of the user’s experience within an app, in order to keep them interested in your application. “If you’ve lost them in the first 60 seconds, you’ve lost them forever. Don’t think that you’ve got something amazing later on, you’ve got to get it right early on,” said Ashe.

Development practice

By having an actual development practice, it will make the process of building an app less painful. Mozilla’s Senior Project Manager, Joe Stagner, said: “Because apps are so easy to replace and the marketplace is so dynamic, the ability to evolve your app quickly but without missteps is super important. You may have the number 1 app in your space, but a point release that is less than satisfactory could crush your market position from a single point.” 


In order to find out what works and what doesn’t within an app, build a prototype of your app in order to test it on your audience. Making the target group your focus will aid you into creating an app that suits their needs. Andrew Ashe said: “We throw away at least 60% of what we do – testing it with your target niche group, and if they don’t like it you can’t try and persuade them, you have to change it to suit them.”


Benjamin Beaumont, LiveCode Product Manager from RunRev, added that simplicity is a key part in the development and prototype process. Developers need to work on the design of an app, alongside the content. However, Beaumont said: “We are great developers but doesn’t mean we are great designers.” Hiring an external designer may help your process to building an app that engages with your audience.


Be aware of your own enthusiasm. Developers are to publish something that people want to use, but need to be aware that their own thoughts on the app should not cover the needs of the customer.

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