Facebook’s Oculus Rift acquisition continues the VR dream…

Virtual Reality (VR) is an inevitable future; and it’s one very-rapidly becoming realised thanks to the plucky-ambitions of Kickstarter-success Oculus and their ‘Rift’ headset. It’s an admirable story, and the headset – now in its second iteration – is nearing a consumer-ready device…

Unfortunately for Oculus, Sony is also nearing such a device in their “Project Morpheus” – which is also looking promising…

Then, albeit in a different space, there’s...

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Wearable tech too expensive for consumer take-up, research reveals

Even though wearable technology is one of the hottest tech trends right now, consumers simply won’t go for it unless it becomes more affordable.

That’s the finding from GfK research, which polled 1600 UK and US adults in September and found that even though awareness was high, prices were too steep for serious consumer adoption.

The figures do make for interesting reading, with 7% of 16-24 year olds surveyed owning wearable technology, and 6% of the general population on board. This includes the...

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How speech recognition software brings the conversation to consumers

Automated phone lines have been infuriating customers for decades, the press is littered with horror stories of long wait times and customers trapped in an endless automated maze. For years app developers have been trying to solve this problem by creating a tool for consumers that is inherently simple but can process complex information succinctly.

The logical way of extending the user interface to achieve this goal is to create a tool that facilitates interaction around conversation. The human brain...

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Introducing Google Glass’s inevitable face recognition API

Have you ever forgotten someone’s name? How about slightly more detailed information such as their birthday? ... Maybe a few have even forgotten you and your significant other’s anniversary?

What if you could pull in all this data automatically just by looking at someone’s face? It’s a creepy prospect, but a seemingly inevitable reality thanks to Lambda Labs’ API for Google Glass.

Currently, Google has no rules against such usage, but there are rules about live streaming to a remote server....

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Startup Dekko moves from OS to AR with $3.2 million funding

Last year Dekko had big plans to turn the real-world into an Operating System, full of applications which blend reality with technology, a Google glass without the glasses.

The company hasn’t dropped its plans; instead refocusing on smaller steps to eventually meet their overall goal of augmented reality world domination.


Dekko has developed technology to map the world in 3D using a smartphone camera or tablet which is represented as “digital...

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Brits aren’t interested in Google Glass because of lack of style, research shows

Although many fellow British journalists cannot wait to get their hands on the eyewear augmenting information in our lives courtesy of Google and partners, not everyone appears to share the same amount of enthusiasm – and the cause appears to be lack of style.

The research comes from VoucherCodesPro who polled 1,512 adults on their opinions due to a huge rise in web searches regarding Google Glass.

Firstly, participants were asked “Would you be interested in owning Google Glass once it’s...

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Is wearable computing the future or a fad?

Google Glass, a rising starlet of the wearable computing show, starts shipping to early adopters (at a whopping $1500!) Now it’s time to ask: are these devices the future? Or are they simply a fad?

The first third party apps have already started rolling out for the innovative eyewear which gives you real-time information, New York Times being among the first to launch. This particular app is fairly simple, delivering articles on an hourly basis directly to your eyes.

Of course, many developers have much...

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Comments sought in final stages of Augmented Reality standard

Having been on board with Wikitude almost since day one, I’ve seen a number of changes within the augmented reality field. With the ever increasing advancements in mobile and web technologies, augmented reality has grown leaps and bounds in just a few short years. And as with any technology that advances at such a rapid rate, without an industry-wide set of standards, things can become, well, let’s just say “complex” at best.

Three years ago, while working on advancements to...

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