QASymphony asks: "Can 300 beta sites be wrong?"

QASymphony  today announced it has dug up more than 300 beta sites for its early release of a forthcoming cloud-based QA and software testing management platform called qTest. The beta sites come from Europe, the U.S., and Asia.  

Going to the cloud for testing tools is a growing trend, with IDC listing such attractions as the pay-as-you-go, monthly subscription model, non-intrusive updates, less IT staff to worry about, and...

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AQuA's top 10 app fails: How many do you test for?

Following the launch of the Quality App Directory in October, the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) has released a list of the top ten failures they’ve encountered in apps.

AQuA, a not-for-profit trade association, is run and funded by its members, including AT&T, Orange, Oracle, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Mobile and LG.

It has drawn on the experience of these members, building up a set of best practice guidelines for producing quality apps, and provides sets of platform-specific testing criteria to...

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Facebook and Android: Is it a match made in heaven?

Reports abound that Facebook is urging its employees to dump their iPhones and replace them with Android devices in order to get problems with Facebook’s Droid app sorted quickly.

The concept has been dubbed ‘droidfooding’; a play on ‘dogfooding’, standard tech industry practice whereby a company uses its own products to convince consumers of its worth – think the opposite of Gerald...

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What's next for the evolution of Agile?

I’ve recently bumped into an interesting Agile related discussion in one of my LinkedIn Groups and thought it was worthwhile to summarise some of its most thought-provoking ideas and conclusions.  So, one of the Agile group members simply asked the following questions: “Is Agile another hype cycle? What is next after Agile?” and this eventually resulted in more than 50 comments from active Agile practitioners and PMs, Scrum Masters and Coaches, Program Managers and corporate IT heads.

Answering the first question whether Agile is another hype cycle, many experts agreed that many of...

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Android 4.2 bug doesn’t recognise December

Android Police has spotted an intriguing flaw in the latest Android 4.2 system – it doesn’t recognise the month of December.

The People calendar app goes straight from November to January, yet the Calendar itself remains unaffected.

The issue was raised initially on the Android Open Handset Alliance Project, where the complainant, Rohit Naik, noted: “Today I was inserting birthday of a friend in my...

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Is crowdsourced usability testing worth a try?

The feedback and the insight you can gain from usability testing is invaluable. To actually see people kicking your tires, using your website or software in the real world can bring to light a host of issues that would never crop up in the QA stage.

The good news is that usability testing no longer needs to break the bank. Usability testing services exist that follow the crowdsourcing model. These can provide quick feedback of how your software works in the real world.

Old school labs

Usability testing has...

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LongTail: What is the state of HTML5 video?

State of HTML5 video looks healthy for now, but how does LongTail Video's results compare with other tests?

LongTail Video, the creators of the JW Player, has updated its State of HTML5 Video report, which shows a healthy uptake for HTML5 video on browsers although isn’t at completion yet.

According to the research, nearly four in five browser and device manufacturers (79%) can play HTML5 video – in other...

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Facebook clamps down on Open Graph, better apps to result?

Alongside the well-publicised App Center Open Graph, which shares app specific actions from users on their Timeline, is one of Facebook’s methods of enabling further app integration within the social network.

Now Facebook is changing things on Open Graph with the aim to give users a better experience.

The first element is modifying the Open Graph stories which appear on a user’s news feed.

As developer testing has revealed location and image...

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AQuA to launch Quality App Directory at #AppsWorld

The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) is announcing the launch of the Quality App Directory, its newest initiative next week at Apps World in London on 2-3 October. It’s calling for Android developers to get involved, demonstrating the quality of their apps by implementing a recommended set of testing criteria and adding their apps to the directory.

The directory will constitute a kind of kite mark for quality, so inclusion will be a mark of respectability for...

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Using “Donut Hole” caching in HTML5 offline apps

HTML Offline Applications allow you to create applications that work independent of an internet connection using technologies native to the web browser. Pages included in an offline application (by being listed in the application manifest) are served from the application cache whether or not a connection to the internet is present.

In the event that a user is viewing a...

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