Google launches Dart 1.0, positions as alternative to JavaScript

Google has unveiled version 1.0 of its Web programming language Dart at the Devoxx conference in Belgium – and has JavaScript firmly in its sights.

The Dart project, which has been in the works for over two years, now comprises the language, an SDK, as well as Dartium, a Chrome browser to run Dart programs, and utility support which converts Dart into JavaScript for browsers unable to support the language, called dart2js.

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Zack Samocha on Coverity Scan, Cloud Computation, and new standards

DeveloperTech (DT) spoke to Zach Samocha (ZS) of the Coverity Scan project about how the tool helps to automatically detect and fix C/C++ or Java defects; helping to improve both security and overall reliability. We also discuss Cloud computation, and supporting new standards.

DT: First of all, can you introduce the Coverity Scan project and how it helps developers?

ZS: What Coverity brings to the game is we really understand the code. We have what we call the “Code Intelligence Platform” which...

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Axway discusses the importance and future of the API economy

This week, DeveloperTech (DT) spoke to Mark O’Neil (MO) from Axway about the importance of the API economy and the rise of its economy to the point it is invaluable to both developers and businesses alike.

An API (Application Programming Interface) helps software components interact with each other; including direct access to hardware and databases – significantly easing development.

DT: Let’s jump in with the first big question; how important has the API economy become?

MO: It...

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Google Glass is in sight – Hackathon and SDK announced

Whilst we’ve seen cool apps from Google themselves, and great concepts from third-party developers; we’re yet to see an SDK release to bring these fantastic ideas to the wider-public’s retinas (that’s not patented by Apple yet, right?)

The wait is nearly over; Google has announced a two-day Hackathon in San Francisco for developers who want to test the “Glassware Development Kit”.

Scheduled to happen on November 19th – 20th, this marks a momentous occasion for...

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The two dimensions of application programming experience (APX)

The two dimensions of application programming experience (APX)

imageThis post is influenced by a recent discussion on the Developer Evangelists group on LinkedIn about “What developers want from API providers.” I bring together various trains of thoughts here.

What developers want from API providers ?

There is an upcoming notion of APX – the application programming experience –...

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Unity’s announcement brings cost-free Xbox One development

Are you part of the ID@Xbox program? If so, good news! You’ll have access to renowned middleware Unity at no cost – yep, completely free.

In today’s PR, released on, it clarifies the motivation for the announcement: “One of the cool things about working at Microsoft is that we have access to pretty amazing resources. For independent developers though, tools like Unity on console can cost quite a...

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What’s new (and tasty) in Android 4.4 KitKat?

Google, ever since their ‘KitKat’ collaboration with Nestlé, has been teasing what was coming in this latest Android update since September – now we know – and the dust has settled around the major features showing some unannounced additions.

First let’s run through some of the more well-known goodies; such as the ability to run on “entry” devices with as low as 512MB of RAM.

There's also full-screen album art and controls for Chromecast, the ability to hide system and...

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Agile methodology in software development

It’s not a secret that software development is a long and labor-intensive process which requires a lot of time and efforts, not speaking about financial and material costs.

If you deal with IT, you know that very often a lot of misunderstandings regarding the requirements to the software product under development appear during the collaboration between a client and developers. Surely, both sides want the software to work properly, but sometimes it’s impossible to do so.

This is where agile methodology can help...

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Google Glass looks upon new features (and more privacy concerns)

Thanks to Android Police, an APK teardown of “GlassVoice” reveals a whole host of new features – yet some, if brought to reality, won’t help with the privacy concerns many have about the device.

Let’s get the worrying stuff out the way; after all, I’m a bad-news-before-good kinda guy.

Google hasn’t (yet) included eye-control for Glass, saying “OK Glass, take picture” is less worrisome than someone blinking a couple of times.

Yet, the ‘Gaze’...

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