Google (and Android) is getting a redesign and this is the "Quantum Paper" behind it...

DeveloperTech predicted in April that the next version of Android will be getting a complete makeover much like Apple's iOS 7. It wasn't the most outrageous of claims, in fact it was rather obvious, but if you had any doubt left then Google's internal framework for the company's new design ethos across products has come to light...

Dubbed the 'Quantum Paper' framework, it details Google's new design principles to unify the company's design across Android apps and...

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Xbox One's Kinect removal pushes titles to 1080p, but there's a far more exciting future on the Horizon...

Microsoft has been under the microscope for their Xbox One console released last year with some developers finding it hard to reach the native 1080p resolution synonymous with this generation. A big part of the reason this has been so hard until now is that, despite the Xbox One's GPU already being less powerful than the PlayStation 4's, Microsoft also reserved 10% of the GPU power for its Kinect peripheral.

This crippling reservation was even present in games which do not use Kinect. In this month's update,...

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Why Loggly loves Apache Kafka: Infinitely scalable messaging makes Log Management better

If you’re in the business of cloud-based log management, every aspect of your service needs to be designed for reliability and scale. Here’s what Loggly faces, daily:

  • A massive stream of incoming events with bursts reaching 100,000+ events per second and lasting several hours
  • The need for a “no log left behind” policy: Every log has the potential to be the critical one, and our customers can’t afford for us to drop a single one
  • Operational troubleshooting use cases that demand near real-time indexing and time series index...

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DirectX 12, Metal, Mantle... Low-level gaming API market is getting a bit Mental!

2014 is quickly becoming the year of the low-level gaming APIs. Performance is able to be boosted in ways you could convince yourself you were experiencing new, more powerful hardware through getting closer to the "metal" of the GPU when developing the latest titles.

The first to make the headlines in recent years was AMD's 'Mantle' which allows for deep-access to the company's range of GPUs. Games were patched with support for its APIs including DICE's...

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Google’s Project Tango tablet enables a literal “flight mode”

At Google’s I/O developer conference this year we’re expecting a limited-run debut of “Project Tango” tablets which have a 7-inch screen, infrared depth sensors, two back-mounted cameras, and "advanced software that can capture precise three-dimensional images of objects," according to people briefed on the company's plans. The project’s aim is to learn and 3D map the world around the devices for producing things like indoor imagery.

From this indoor imagery, a team from the...

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Google’s Play Services 4.4 brings useful additions, and a hint at the future of stock Android

Google is prepping for their annual I/O developer conference where we are expecting a whole host of groundbreaking announcements. Android is expanding into wearables this year with the aptly-named ‘Android Wear’, and so beyond the next major Android update, you can expect a big focus on how developers can take advantage of their new platform.

Ahead of I/O the company begins to update its core apps and services with surprises and support ready for their...

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Microsoft’s week started with big earnings, and ended with Nokia... How was yours?

In a single week just under three months after his appointment as CEO, Satya Nadella has both sealed the deal for Microsoft's acquisition of iconic brand Nokia and given a successful earnings call.

The week’s news out of Redmond has displayed a positive outlook and growth for one of the world’s most famous brands, but one which is often criticised under the microscope in regards to being “late” to get a grasp on mobile devices.

Under the new deal, Nokia’s talent will merge with...

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Google’s Android 5.0 will be design-focused

Before the release of Android 4.4 “KitKat” DeveloperTech predicted version 5.0 of the OS would see a focus on a complete redesign above all else. The functionality and capabilities of Android is ahead of the competition – but few would call stock ‘droid the prettiest OS of the bunch.

Closest rival, Apple, had a design-focus in iOS7 removing all “skeuomorphic” elements and going for a flat-design reminiscent...

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Project Ara’s MDK and the smartphone “designed for 6 billion people.”

Google’s Project Ara is a forward-thinking device with the unique tagline of being able to call itself as “Designed exclusively for 6 billion people.”

If you’re unfamiliar, how can Ara make that bold yet valid claim? The device, or devices dependent on how you look at it, is compromised of modules which can be designed by any manufacturer to “swap” in and out as needed…

We all know how fast hardware advances, and there are a good proportion of us...

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Chromecast and Android TV: Is there a world where both co-exist?

Google’s last play into the television market was the aptly-named, Google TV. Remember it? Not many will because it wasn’t what you could call a runaway success. Such a failure in fact that it was pulled completely and brushed under the rug.

But the company isn’t ready to give up the living room to Apple, Microsoft, Roku, or the many other companies vying to take over the biggest screen in our homes – and understandably so.

First up is

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