Google casts out Chromecast SDK to reel-in developers

Google develops very few hardware devices, but when they do, it’s usually to bolster their web presence. The $35 Chromecast is one of these very devices.

An intriguing (if not simply for its great price) piece of hardware; it’s also powerful in its capability to display the power of the web upon any display with a HDMI port – all in a package the size of many USB flash drives.

Yet its full-potential was only available on a limited number...

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Developers creating game apps for wearable tech

Games are one of the most popular mobile app categories and now some people are betting that they can help launch wearable tech into the mainstream – or at least that games could be really cool on wearables.

So far, the public hasn’t latched onto any one wearable model. Google Glass isn’t widely available yet and the few smartwatches haven’t made much of a splash. The biggest hit in wearables right now are fitness trackers, but most of those rely on a companion mobile app to let users...

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Oculus Rift is more than a game-changer; it’s an everything-changer

When people talk about Oculus Rift, the headline-stealing VR device, most will talk about the potential for gaming and making the player more immersed into incredible 3D worlds where you can turn and see more naturally -- as if you were there yourself.

Mario Aguilar at Gizmodo posted an envy-inducing article yesterday about his incredible experience at the exhibition of HBO’s hit-series “Game of...

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What if Windows Phone went Android?

Today Microsoft revealed great sales, and brilliant profits -- so is the company surviving the “post-PC” era? It seems like, but for how long? Despite doubling Surface sales, Windows’ tablets still only account for 3.4% of the market.

Windows 8 was developed in mind to cater for this new era; enabling use on touch-based devices and hoping to (eventually) create development easy across platforms – whether desktop, tablet, laptop, hybrid, smartphone, or even console…

The latest...

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Java accounts for 91% of attacks, U.S Cloud providers distribute 44% of Malware

When you think about it, most vulnerabilities within the public eye appears to come down to Java in some respect – but it’s not just you – Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report points the blame at Oracle's Java for being a leading cause of security woes.

In fact, the report suggest as much as 91 percent of all attacks can be pointed at Java’s insecurities being the culprit.

The data comes via the Vulnerability...

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Interview - Matt Asay: “MongoDB is the perfect fit… NoSQL in general is a better fit”

MongoDB, the open-source NoSQL database, was recently named "Database Management System of the Year" by DB-Engines – with good reason. DeveloperTech (DT) spoke with Matt Asay (MA), VP of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, about why customers should choose Mongo…

DT: Can you give a bit of background to MongoDB and why organisations should choose it?

MA: One of the things which is most interesting about MongoDB is the product was formed before the company was, and it was formed out of a need...

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Chrome OS may be the Android 5 for high-end devices

Fans of Google’s mobile operating system have only just recently started receiving the latest version of the OS – dubbed ‘KitKat’ – and are already looking ahead to the next release.

Whilst KitKat brought many “under the hood” changes; it left many users asking “what’s changed?” alongside few user-facing features. Of course, being labelled 4.4, the release clearly wasn’t intended as the overhaul expected in Android 5… so where is...

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Microsoft's Windows 9 may retain (industry-leading) trust

A latest study by Forrester pits Microsoft as getting the only “trailblazer” status for its trust across generations – unsurprising considering Windows’ mighty install base in businesses and educational institutions around the world.

Yet Microsoft has had an indisputably bad year surrounding the release of its latest release, Windows 8, which arrived with a radical overhaul of the desktop known by users since the very early days of the Redmond-based giant.

Clearly, with only 6.89%...

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Steam Machines could be Windows’ lifeline

PC sales are on a serious decline, you may have heard. After all, for most, their functionality can be replaced by that offered in more convenient forms such as netbooks and tablets. BBC, for example, only announced today that iPlayer tablet viewing overtook computer for the first time.

Of course there are professional applications which require the (higher-end) desktop; but this is a smaller market than your general consumer and Microsoft’s...

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Google’s “Open Automotive Alliance” makes your ride the next lucrative platform

When talking about platforms with yet-untapped potential; most will include the car. Many of us spend a great deal of time in our vehicles commuting, for work or pleasure, and the technologies which follow us to improve or ease our experiences are the most appreciated.

Google’s Android OS is already found in almost every variation of device possible; from the smartphone, to consoles, to cameras, to espresso makers.

Now thanks to the ‘Open Automotive...

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