A developing affection: Assessing the rise and fall of programming languages

These days we take applications for granted to run our businesses and organise and entertain us in our personal lives. But which are the programming languages that enable our digital world – and how are they progressing over time?

A good starting point for understanding the relative popularity of programming languages is to look at studies from groups like TIOBE, RedMonk, and Stack Overflow, which show how languages trend over time. GitHub can also be an important gauge, particularly in the open source...

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C named as TIOBE’s 2017 programming language of the year

Sometimes the old ones are the best ones: C has been named as TIOBE’s programming language of 2017, nine years after its most recent triumph.

The language remains at #2 in the January 2018 rankings, behind Java and ahead of C++ – with no change from January 2017’s index – but came out on top for language of the year because of its yearly growth of 1.69%. Runners up were Python (1.21% growth) and Erlang (0.98%).

TIOBE argues that the reason for C’s growth – admitting it won...

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Stack Overflow analysis on most disliked languages sees Perl top of the tree

Perl, a language used predominantly for common gateway interface (CGI) as well as system administration and network programming, has been voted as the most disliked programming language by the Stack Overflow development community.

The almost 30-year old language came out ahead of Delphi and VBA in the rankings, with a long gap following to PHP, Objective-C, Coffeescript and Ruby.

When it came to overall tags – including operating systems, platforms and libraries – the number one on the dislike...

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Android Studio 3.0 brings treats like Kotlin, Java 8, and Instant Apps

Google isn’t waiting for Halloween and has begun handing out the sweet treats early with the stable release of Android Studio 3.

We first heard of Google’s intention to bake Kotlin support into Android Studio back in May during its annual IO developer conference. Fast-forward five months and Google is making good on its promise.

Much like Swift is to iOS, Kotlin is to Android. The...

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Google and Udacity team up for 50,000 US Android developer scholarships

Google is offering 50,000 developer scholarship opportunities with education platform provider Udacity to help those who want to build on the web and Android.

The move adds to the 130,000 scholarships already put out by the two companies around the world, with this initiative aimed at US residents.

The first phase of the scholarships will revolve around three months of access to Udacity courses on a choice of HTML and CS, offline web applications, Android basics, and developing Android apps. After this, the...

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‘Encouraging’ study examines static typing and quantifying detectable bugs in JavaScript

Are you a proponent of static typing or dynamic typing in JavaScript, or indeed another language? A new study from researchers at University College London (UCL), alongside Microsoft, put a couple of products to the test – with pretty solid results.

The researchers tested Flow, Facebook’s static type system, and TypeScript – from Microsoft, of course – and found that, at a conservative estimate, each product can spot approximately 15% of bugs which would otherwise have ended up in...

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Stack Overflow analysis assesses ‘incredible’ growth of Python

Python’s profile continues to grow – but at what rate? According to David Robinson, data scientist at Stack Overflow, it has a ‘solid claim’ at being the fastest-growing major programming language.

In June, Python became the most visited tag on the developer community site for the first time among high income countries, including hitting top spot in the US and UK and being in the top two almost everywhere else, behind either Java or JavaScript.

This is not a cause for celebration just...

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Python slinks past C, Java and C++ to top IEEE 2017 language list

Python has topped the charts as the top programming language of 2017, according to the latest ranking from IEEE Spectrum.

The language, which continues to grow in popularity having been one of the highest risers in the most recent Stack Overflow survey, got the benchmark score of 100, with C (99.7), Java (99.5) and C++ (97.1) trailing close behind. C#, R, JavaScript, PHP, Go, and Swift completed the top...

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Stack Overflow figures show C# is for early risers and Haskell for night owls

Ever wanted to know which languages are most popular late at night compared with early in the morning? Good news if so; Stack Overflow has released a series of usage figures which look at the times users visit questions on their system concerning various languages.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the languages most likely to be visited during the hours of 9-5 were based around enterprise technologies, many with a Microsoft theme; T-SQL at the top, with SharePoint, SQL Server 2008, PowerShell, and SQL Server...

By James Bourne, 26 April 2017, 1 comment. Categories: C#, Languages.

Python, Node.js and Rust most loved languages with C, C# and Visual Basic losing momentum

Almost a third of current professional developers say their formal education was not important to their career success, with Python, Node.js and Rust continuing to grow in popularity, according to the latest Stack Overflow survey.

The latest report involved more than 64,000 responses fielded from 213 countries, cited to be the most comprehensive survey of the programmer workforce to date, and examines all aspects of the developer experience.

With Python and Node.js going up, and Rust being the ‘most loved’...

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