The Grace Hopper Google Doodle offers a timely re-evaluation of COBOL

December 9 2013 marks the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper, one of the pioneers of computer science and creator of the COBOL programming language.

The occasion has been fittingly marked with today’s Google Doodle, which depicts Hopper sat at her machine calculating her birthday through a simple equation.

Given her great influence on what would become the Common Business-Oriented Language, it’s an ideal opportunity to examine the state of COBOL today.

Derek Britton is product marketing director at Micro Focus, who...

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Jon Skeet on C#, the present and the future

There’s a trend in programming languages which will certainly please Redmond. According to latest TIOBE figures, only six of the top 20 languages are gaining popularity - and three of them are defined by Microsoft.

Whilst Visual Basic.NET gained four places to position 11, and Transact-SQL leapt to position 9 in the November rankings, neither could perforate the fairly rigid top eight, with C and Java comfortably at the summit.

The only language which...

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The Business of APIs Conference: Key takeaways

On 13 November 2013, I was invited to the Business of API conference organised and hosted by Mashery. The venue was held at the Millbank tower and London weather-wise presented itself from its best side, which allowed an awesome view.

BAPI has run now for several years and is held in three locations (San Francisco, New York and London). Mashery certainly did a lot of pioneering work in the...

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Zack Samocha on Coverity Scan, Cloud Computation, and new standards

DeveloperTech (DT) spoke to Zach Samocha (ZS) of the Coverity Scan project about how the tool helps to automatically detect and fix C/C++ or Java defects; helping to improve both security and overall reliability. We also discuss Cloud computation, and supporting new standards.

DT: First of all, can you introduce the Coverity Scan project and how it helps developers?

ZS: What Coverity brings to the game is we really understand the code. We have what we call the “Code Intelligence Platform” which...

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Axway discusses the importance and future of the API economy

This week, DeveloperTech (DT) spoke to Mark O’Neil (MO) from Axway about the importance of the API economy and the rise of its economy to the point it is invaluable to both developers and businesses alike.

An API (Application Programming Interface) helps software components interact with each other; including direct access to hardware and databases – significantly easing development.

DT: Let’s jump in with the first big question; how important has the API economy become?

MO: It...

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The two dimensions of application programming experience (APX)

The two dimensions of application programming experience (APX)

imageThis post is influenced by a recent discussion on the Developer Evangelists group on LinkedIn about “What developers want from API providers.” I bring together various trains of thoughts here.

What developers want from API providers ?

There is an upcoming notion of APX – the application programming experience –...

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“Program, or be programmed” – Why we need to teach code

As a big supporter of the new curriculum, which is finally introducing programming skills into compulsory education from September 2014, DeveloperTech is all for any scheme which gives kids that same advantage from today; preventing them ending up on the “scrap heap”.

Milverton Wallace (MW), a man who’s been around development for a while, is launching one of these new schemes at “The North Library” in Holloway, London called “Wizzie Wizzie Coding Club”.

DeveloperTech (DT) caught...

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Agile methodology in software development

It’s not a secret that software development is a long and labor-intensive process which requires a lot of time and efforts, not speaking about financial and material costs.

If you deal with IT, you know that very often a lot of misunderstandings regarding the requirements to the software product under development appear during the collaboration between a client and developers. Surely, both sides want the software to work properly, but sometimes it’s impossible to do so.

This is where agile methodology can help...

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Testbirds CEO Phillip Benkler on Android crowd-testing #AppsWorld

DeveloperTech (DT) caught-up with Phillip Benkler (PB), founder and CEO of crowd-testing service company, Testbirds, ahead of his speaking appearance at Apps World Europe.

Based in Munich, Testbirds specialises in crowd-testing apps for mobile devices (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS) as well as web applications (online-stores, websites). Needless to say, if you need testing insight, these are your guys!

DT: What are you planning to speak about at Apps World?


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Microsoft’s Kinect grows up: Windows SDK 1.8 released

The motion-tracking peripheral (which launched back in 2010) has come a long way in terms of third-party development capabilities. Originally released exclusively for the Xbox 360; the device was praised for its innovation, but criticised for implementation.

Most people will probably think of the Kinect as for the “casual” gaming market; for the types of games (and subsequently gamers) who like to flail their arms at the television Nintendo Wii-style to advance in mini-games.

An enterprising hacker going by...

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