Facebook bins HTML5 and goes native for its iOS app

Facebook’s iOS app has been completely rehauled, going native instead of the original scaled up HTML5 to ensure a quicker app experience for users.

But as another story about Facebook targeting the mobile arena breaks – is this the right decision?

“One of the biggest advantages we’ve gained from building on native iOS has been the ability to make the app fast,” says Facebook developer Jonathan Dann in an engineers’ blog post.

User experience (UX) appears to be the most...

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Twitter buys out Clutch.io’s staff and API

Has the App.net funding drive forced Twitter into action?

Clutch.io, the native mobile A/B testing tool, has been snapped up by Twitter for an undisclosed amount.

The two-man staff, Eric Florenzano and Eric Maguire, has been acquired by the social media giants, alongside the IP, and will commence work as part of Twitter’s growth and international team.

The duo was previously with chat app Convore, a Y Combinator alumnus.

Alongside the ability to add A/B testing to a mobile app, Clutch.io’s...

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IDC: Android powers 68.1% of all smartphones shipped

Android ploughs on according to IDC, but hold fire: didn’t the same people say Android would hit its peak this year?

Android holds a “commanding” market share of smartphones shipped globally in this year’s second quarter, with 68.1% - or 104.8 million – of the 154m worldwide smartphone shipments using an Android OS.

According to International Data Center (IDC) research, Android’s sizeable market share can be traced back to the hold of Samsung, which accounted for 44% of all...

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400,000 iOS apps never been downloaded, says Adeven

Adeven says plenty of iOS apps are unloved and unfound – but is this a fair assumption?

Analytics agency Adeven has claimed that a staggering 400,000 “zombie” iOS apps have never been downloaded and remain dormant in the App Store.

Given Apple announced in June that there are a total of 650,000 apps in the App Store, then that's a pretty hefty number.

Berlin-based Adeven claims the figure of the zombie apps – in other words, an invisible app with no downloads or ratings – as it...

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Facebook brings in iOS developers Acrylic Software

iOS developers Acrylic, who “specialise in creating fun, useful and beautiful apps”, has been snapped up by Facebook.

The Vancouver-based design house has two well-known products; the database storage app Wallet, and the personal newspaper app Pulp.

The move is an “acqui-hire” rather than a full on company acquisition – in other words, Facebook has hired the two employees of Acrylic, but hasn’t taken aboard the dev’s products or technology. It is believed Facebook...

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iOS 6 betas limit number of apps available

It has been revealed that the recently-released Apple iOS 6 beta has a cap on the number of apps a user can have at any time.

According to a post from ‘macjeff’ on the Mid Atlantic Consulting support blog, 500 apps on a user’s device will result in “slow booting, auto-rebooting and other issues”, while breaking four figures of apps will mean your phone doesn’t boot at all.

How Mid Atlantic Consulting discovered this feature was not disclosed. It is particularly notable...

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Android overtakes iOS as top platform for mobile advertisers

Research from advertising network Adfonic has found that, globally, Android devices are consistently hitting more ad impressions than iOS.

As part of its Global AdMetrics Report for the second quarter of this year, Android increased its share of global ad impressions from 38% to 46% in quarter 2 whilst iOS dropped from 45% to 34%.

Android continued its dominance of the North American advertising marketplace, with a whopping 63% of impressions accounted for on Android – up...

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AT&T brings out HTML5-ready Watson API

Telecoms giant AT&T has officially released the free application programming interface (API) for its Watson-powered speech program which will allow users to access their apps via voice control.

The intuitive text-to-speech software development kit (SDK) will be available for both native and HTML5 apps and is designed to wade through any accent or dialect to recognise what is being said – a previously complex problem.

Among the solutions the API will aim to provide are:

  • A voicemail-to-text service which is trained on a “massive”...

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Developer anger as Facebook shuts down Face.com API

Less than a month after its buyout by Facebook, Israeli facial recognition site Face.com is shutting down its application programming interfaces (APIs) and booting out Klik, its iOS app.

Face.com was one of many items on Mark Zuckerberg’s shopping list this year, including Instagram and location-based app Glancee among others as the social media giant bolstered its mobile arsenal.

Reports differed in terms of...

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