iOS Significant Location Change (SLC) in iOS 7.0 and 7.1

Since the introduction of iOS 4.0, in which multitasking was first introduced to the platform, Apple included a feature known as Significant Location Change (SLC) that would allow the OS to 'wake-up' a suspended or killed app to notify it that the device has physically move a 'significant distance'. When woken up, the app would be allowed to run for a minimal amount of time in the background to perform whatever location-oriented task it has to do, and then the OS would suspend the app again. Though straightforward in concept, the actual implementation of SLC was a bit of dark...

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Project Cider quenches your iOS app thirst on Android

For a long time iOS apps’ quality and quantity far surpassed what was offered on Android due to it being a more mature platform. Arguably, on smartphone at least, the two operating systems have reached some amount of parity.

However, there are still apps which are iOS-only, and few apps on Android tablets are yet to reach the quality of those found on iPad. Six PhD students at Columbia University‘s Department of Computer Science may have solved this problem with their work on Project Cider, an OS...

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Report: iOS 8 to get Windows 8-like multitasking and HD audio playback

Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) is just around the corner and the rumours and reports are starting to heat up about what we can expect. It’s only natural to assume we’ll get our first look at iOS 8 – but now we’re getting a clearer look at what will ship in the latest mobile OS thanks to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac.

Multitasking on iOS has been oft criticised and poked at by...

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Indie developers face challenges on the App Store

Since the beginning of the mobile app economy, the App Store has always been driven to new heights when small, independent game companies released a surprise hit. Just look at Supercell, Rovio, Zeptolab, and King! All those companies were tiny (or even non-existent!) when the App Store launched in 2008, and now each company is pulling in millions of dollars in revenue.

Today, independent app developers are facing a

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Dear Apple, Open up or be left behind…

Four years ago, Steve Jobs announced iOS’ video-calling feature ‘FaceTime’ would become Open so applications can be built cross-platform for the benefit of everyone. iOS users can keep in touch with their contacts in the bigger market which is the Android ecosystem, and vice-versa.

iOS users are still limited to calling each other. Despite adding features like FaceTime Audio (shouldn’t that be VoiceTime?) we're without a way to get in touch with our non-iDevice counterparts.

There's a...

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Report shows in-app purchases to be most lucrative

Have you noticed the rise in applications making use of in-app purchases? A new report from VentureBeat Intel shows these developers have good reason to implement them; after all, they are by far the most lucrative method of monetisation.

The report collates data taken from 176 various developers across 1,000 different games to get a clear idea of how others can profit from their works.

It takes into account the cost-effectiveness of implementing the various methods...

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Android vs. iOS: "Originality" shots fired over new docs

Even if you keep out of the firing range you are sure to have heard the “copy” shots between the passionate Android and iOS camps. With each OS release, features are borrowed from one another in a bid to one-up the competition…

“Good artists copy, but great artists steal” one Pablo Picasso said, a quote more recently repeated by Apple founder Steve Jobs. Despite this, Jobs declared “thermonuclear war” on Android due to seeing the platform as a direct replica of...

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The technology behind location-based apps

One of the other-worldly features of mobile devices is their ability to track your exact location. Can you imagine the sordid stories throughout history that may have been re-written had this technology been invented sooner?  You can almost imagine the courtroom; “Where were you on the night of…”

Anyway, there are two main ways to collect and distribute this type of information in the present day – Beacons and Geofencing – and both have their advantages. More on this in a...

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