Twilio: How to make friends and influence developers

Cloud telecoms communication pioneers Twilio aren’t just bringing their messaging and voice APIs to Europe, they’re bringing their personable, evangelist-based community engagement approach too.

If you follow what goes on in Silicon Valley, you’ll be aware of Twilio. A US start-up that's made waves across the telecoms and cloud communications space providing cloud APIs for developers and businesses to integrate SMS, VoIP and voice calls into mobile, web and desktop...

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What's next for the evolution of Agile?

I’ve recently bumped into an interesting Agile related discussion in one of my LinkedIn Groups and thought it was worthwhile to summarise some of its most thought-provoking ideas and conclusions.  So, one of the Agile group members simply asked the following questions: “Is Agile another hype cycle? What is next after Agile?” and this eventually resulted in more than 50 comments from active Agile practitioners and PMs, Scrum Masters and Coaches, Program Managers and corporate IT heads.

Answering the first question whether Agile is another hype cycle, many experts agreed that many of...

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Mike Lee: The most important minute of your life [VIDEO]

After almost a year of touch work on his non-profit developer ecosystem project Appsterdam, World’s Toughest Programmer Mike Lee paid Apps World a visit in October to deliver a rousing motivational presentation.

Never one to shirk the opportunity to get his point across, Lee delivered one of the most engaging presentations of the conference, touching on the work he’s put in to getting Appsterdam off the ground and dealing out a heap of unflinching advice on how to approach...

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Comments sought in final stages of Augmented Reality standard

Having been on board with Wikitude almost since day one, I’ve seen a number of changes within the augmented reality field. With the ever increasing advancements in mobile and web technologies, augmented reality has grown leaps and bounds in just a few short years. And as with any technology that advances at such a rapid rate, without an industry-wide set of standards, things can become, well, let’s just say “complex” at best.

Three years ago, while working on advancements to...

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How to rescue a project that is in trouble

All projects face issues. Often times the way you resolve those issues will be the difference project failure and project success. Here are some ways to rescue your project when the wind blows your way!

Talk your team about prioritizing features together with specifications.

This will allow you to put the less important items last thereby minimizing your risk of not meeting the deadline. Eliminate any features or functionality that they live without until after the project deadline.

Increase resources


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App developers seek to improve outdated education practices

5app was very excited to be asked to take part in a two day Hackathon in London last month, based around the idea of using apps to facilitate education. We sent our CTO Tim King along to do the honours and report back on some of the outstanding work he’d seen.

The recent decision by UK Education Secretary Michael Gove to axe the outdated ICT syllabus in schools has been welcomed by industry experts crying out for a change in the way technology is taught in the classroom.

Off the back of this...

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LongTail: What is the state of HTML5 video?

State of HTML5 video looks healthy for now, but how does LongTail Video's results compare with other tests?

LongTail Video, the creators of the JW Player, has updated its State of HTML5 Video report, which shows a healthy uptake for HTML5 video on browsers although isn’t at completion yet.

According to the research, nearly four in five browser and device manufacturers (79%) can play HTML5 video – in other...

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Web Platform Docs aims to give devs info in one place

The W3C’s Web Platform Docs, a site aiming to be the first port of call for web development materials, has launched with support from Silicon Valley’s finest and huge browsers alike.

The site describes itself on its homepage as “an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform”, and it’s a message that all the major players can get behind.

When you’ve got the likes of Google,...

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Appsters Awards 2012: Great night for UK developers

DeveloperTech took part in the first ever Appsters Awards in London this week, with a glitzy central London venue and 12 industry awards handed out in front of a crowd that constituted the who’s who of the apps industry.

With a shortlist of over 70 nominees, Awards were handed out across 12 categories, including Best Consumer App [London 2012], Best Entertainment App [BBC Olympics app], Best Use of Geo-Location [Tube Map] and App Developer 2012 [Mubaloo].

We were involved in the panel of expert industry...

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Why augmented reality (AR) app development is about to explode

By Raghav Sood, author of Pro Android Augmented Reality and owner of Appaholics, an Android app development company.

If you’re a smart phone app developer who’s been trying to create an augmented reality (AR) app, there’s a good chance your countless attempts have failed. Today’s smart phone technology is simply not at the level to allow for complex AR programming.

The good news is it’s time to pull your AR app concepts off the back burner. Within the next six months to a year, smart phones’...

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