Best practices to make your social app a global success

In 2012, Facebook dominated the social networking space on mobile devices, accounting for 85% of usage in North America and occupying the #1 position in most markets. The penetration of other social apps in the west has slowed down considerably due to FB’s dominance, and according to eMarketer, market growth is expected to drop from 50% in 2011 to 18% in 2014. However, in 2013, Asian Newbies such as Line and Kakao seem to have redefined social networking on mobile. With 74 million users in less than 18...

Is China the biggest cyber security threat?

Directly from Akamai Technologies’ latest “State of the Internet” Quarterly report, China appears to be the origin of 41 percent of all computer-attack traffic.

However, appearances can be deceiving, there is potential for other countries to be posing as an IP originating from China; when in fact they could be from Britain, Russia, Germany, or the reports second most...

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How automotive brands can win with mobile

The auto industry has traditionally relied on conventional marketing means such as TV advertisements, bill boards and print media to drive sales. But over the last couple of years there has been a tremendous shift towards the Internet, social media and mobile. This was bound to happen with the coming of the Internet and the mobile and the way media has changed over the last few years. People have moved to online, more so to mobile and social media, where they look for vehicle pricing, model information, photo...

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The 15 programming languages employers really want

With the world rapidly migrating towards the Web, the demand for programmers is constantly rising across all industries.Whether it’s writing basic HTML to querying, manipulating and managing relational databases, companies great and small need coders, whether they’re web developers or SQL specialists.And as we all know, the ability to create clean, structures code isn’t just in high demand, it tends to pay rather well too!But in the decade of the developer, what are the most sought after skills? We did some digging and based on the stats we found, it the top 15 look something like this:15) AJAXBack in the 90s, web sites were usually based on complete HTML pages. So each page had...

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Is there a skills gap for training developers today?

Latest research from Micro Focus has revealed that nearly three quarters of academic institutions don’t support COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) in its courses.

Given that Micro Focus is a company which specialises in COBOL, a conclusion can be drawn to suggest that they would advocate more COBOL usage – and you’d be right – but the statistics and debate are very interesting.

COBOL isn’t the most fashionable programming language, of course, but it’s certainly one...

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How to build the perfect development team

It is easy to feel comfortable around people just like you. With the same experience and culture, same mind set. But having a successful developer team is not about being comfortable, it’s about new ideas, being dynamic and being the best.

Assembling a team of coders for a start-up is one of the biggest challenges a new CTO will face. No matter how great the idea, it’s the people in your team who will make the idea become a profitable reality as you work together to try to beat the clock, working...

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Why the Japanese app market is a tough nut to crack #AppsWorld

The US dropped to second place in terms of app revenue generation last year for the first time ever, supplanted by the new dominant player whose smartphone market is beginning to snowball, Japan.

Mobile app intelligence and metrics tracking specialist App Annie has released a detailed breakdown of the complex Japanese market, shedding some light on how difficult a nut it is for western developers to crack.  

Smartphone uptake among the Islands’ population progressed at a leisurely...

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Homage to early app developers, the 1974 pizza app

Ok so it didn’t work great, but it was 40 years ago! Remember, your phone is more powerful than this thing! God bless them for trying and god bless the guy who took the order. He accepted the technology right away! I also love how she says, ”soon we will all use computers to communicate”.

Who knew Dominos Pizza was that old and would still have crap pizza 50 years later!

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