RIM RIP? BlackBerry 10 delayed until next year

It’s a prevalent trend to indulge in a spot of RIM-bashing, but the Canadian mobile giants have posted a disastrous set of quarterly results which prompt fresh fears over the company’s future.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins admitted that the BlackBerry 10 operating system was being further delayed until the beginning of next year because of unforeseen problems integrating the OS’s features.

Heins stated that he had no intention of releasing a below-par product on his watch.

This comes alongside the...

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PhoneGap follow-through — the URL vs. mobile app download debate

A few months back (shoot, it was actually last year!) I talked about PhoneGap and how it is stepping in as a good solution for cross-platform HTML5 frustration. Since then, I get asked a couple of times a week about PhoneGap, its industry perception, and effectiveness.

I have to report that PhoneGap is still very much the 900-pound gorilla of enterprise mobile app dev, providing a smart option for developers...

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App developer the best job in IT, says report

A report from US-based ITCareerFinder.com has revealed that mobile app development would be the best computing career you can have.

The report, entitled “Best Computer Jobs for the Future”, collated and ranked the top ten jobs in the computing industry from 2013 to 2020, with mobile app developer “easily” claiming the top spot.

Among the reasons app developers have the best job around were much higher growth prospects, an average...

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Innovative smartphone and tablet patents from Microsoft


New technology patents from Microsoft might take Apple's iPad dominance and iPhone smartphone dominance out of the game. Apple has long been one of the favourite manufacturers of Mobile phones and tablets (especially with the new iPad 3 (HD) rapidly flying off Smartphone retailers shelves.However iOS powered products whilst still being brilliant in recent years have tended to be evolutions of good ideas and not revolutions. News of dual display Smartphones and tablet patents applied for by  Microsoft may be the...

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Is the Mobile Patent War Finally Coming to an End?

In the fast-growing market of smartphone and tablet software development, big companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Motorola and Samsung have been rushing to patent software that they have not yet developed. When another company comes along with that software, legal action is taken to stop them selling their products.

Last year we wrote about the law suit over patents by Motorola where they stopped imports of iPhones and iPads by Apple to Germany.

The saga’s been back in the

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Instagram / Facebook: Is this the beginning of the end for web?

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram has given us a unique insight into where the Social Media giant sees the future of its industry, and the price it has paid tells us that it is not on the web. Is this the beginning of the end?

Much has already been written about the amazing amount Facebook is paying for Instagram. As a single app company with minimal monetization, $1 billion may seem extreme, especially given that the company had valued itself at about $500m. I am not, however, going to focus on the...

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Have you joined the Application Developers Alliance?

The Application Developers Alliance (ADA) has announced a raft of new high profile board members, with individuals representing Google, RIM, AT&T and many others.

The ADA’s stated aim is to deliver services to developers and drive innovation and growth within the development industry. Founder and president John  Potter, formerly of the Digital Media Association, has promised services like online collaboration, training deals and cloud services.

Serious stuff like lobbying governments over issues like data...

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How to teach programming to students today

There's a hot discussion taking place today about how to get young students interested in programming. And not just interested, but loving it! Teachers and administrators have been battling this challenge for years, but the fact is that engaging students early in technical areas such as Computer Studies is difficult to impossible, beyond perhaps one or two engineering-obsessed students in the school.

However, with the number of IT-related jobs growing by the thousands every year, and the tremendous need for...

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