How to teach programming to students today

There's a hot discussion taking place today about how to get young students interested in programming. And not just interested, but loving it! Teachers and administrators have been battling this challenge for years, but the fact is that engaging students early in technical areas such as Computer Studies is difficult to impossible, beyond perhaps one or two engineering-obsessed students in the school.

However, with the number of IT-related jobs growing by the thousands every year, and the tremendous need for...

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Congress grills iOS devs following Path privacy backlash

In the latest aftershock from the Path affair, and the massive can of privacy worms it cracked open, a pair of US congressmen have written to a number of iOS developers and key figures posing a series of questions around how they implement and manage user privacy.

The Path case, where the app makers were accused of uploading users’ address books without their knowledge, sparked a wider inquiry into the gathering and use of personal information by apps.

Following the furore, house representatives Henry...

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The Mobile World Congress 2012 Buzz Index! #mwc12

It gives us great pleasure to present the 2012 Buzz Index as compiled at last week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) exhibition and conference in Barcelona.

I hear you ask “What’s the Buzz Index?”  I am glad you asked!  Let me explain.  Every year since 2007 we have been measuring what the biggest buzzwords are at MWC, which give a great indication as to what’s hot and what’s not in the mobile and connected devices worlds.  To be more specific, we only focus...

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Why aren’t more brands using mobile advertising?

As a mobile advertising pundit who lives and breathes the mobile advertising world including its demographics and growth stats, I remain confounded that more brands have not yet jumped fully into this unique opportunity to reach audiences.

Of course, there are the early adopter companies and forward thinking organizations playing in this space but I am surprised that brands have not yet leaped on board in a way that matches the audience adoption of the mobile platform.

Look at the audience stats. For example,...

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Developers’ Guide to MWC

Here’s our Top Ten Tips for surviving Mobile World Congress.

  • Business CardsHow many cards were you planning on bringing? Nope – bring twice as many! Make sure you actually do something with the cards you pick up – I like WorldCard for scanning in cards.
  • Pick Up All The SchwagEvery company will be handing out free posters, stressballs, branded USB sticks, samples, and – in some cases – giving away phones. Take everything you can lay your hands on.
  • Hand...
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    Can SME's tap into App Revolution to fuel their growth?

    Kevin Miller, CEO, RunRev

    Much is made about the importance of technology. The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills recently announced a £145 million boost to improve the UK's e-infrastructure. The reality, however, is that IT infrastructure enhancements will not benefit the vast majority of businesses to drive productivity and profitability. But there is one IT revolution that they can tap into and benefit from.

    The hype that surrounded Apple's announcement about the iPhone 4S...

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    The pace of new app development dwarfs the release of other kinds of media

    Somewhere at a computer last Wednesday, a developer pushed a button and the 1 millionth mobile app went to market.

    Apps shrink the functions that were once available only on a desktop computer to make them usable on smartphones and mobile devices – stock trades, restaurant reviews, Facebook, streaming radio, photographs, news articles, videos and, of course, Angry Birds.

    The pace of new app development dwarfs the release of other kinds of media. “Every week about 100 movies get released worldwide,...

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    Australia’s high court lifts Samsung Galaxy Tab ban

    Australia’s High Court has lifted a ban on the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy tablet in the country in time for the Christmas shopping season.

    Apple won a ban on the devices, claiming Samsung had copied its iPhone and iPad.

    South Korean Samsung had been unable to sell products in Australia since July.

    The two companies are engaged in legal battles in more than 10 countries since April accusing each other of infringing smartphone and tablet patents.

    Last month, Samsung won an appeal against a temporary...

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    Yahoo Vs Google Plus

    Google is the unanimously accoladed king of search, but now there are plans to take it's audience even higher with initial thoughts about acquiring Yahoo.

    The ailing company Yahoo, still has a large presence on the net what with the likes of Yahoo answers being an often turned to source of information, however other parts of Yahoo are definitely ailing with Yahoo mail from Bt for example being increasingly hard to use compared to other services like gmail.

    Google on the other hand is on the up and up, as you...

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