Agile methodology in software development

It’s not a secret that software development is a long and labor-intensive process which requires a lot of time and efforts, not speaking about financial and material costs.

If you deal with IT, you know that very often a lot of misunderstandings regarding the requirements to the software product under development appear during the collaboration between a client and developers. Surely, both sides want the software to work properly, but sometimes it’s impossible to do so.

This is where agile methodology can help...

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“There’s never been a better time to do a tech startup“ - Sean Kane, F6S co-founder

DeveloperTech spoke to the co-founder of tech start-up social network, F6S, about how they help these important new companies get on their feet and stand-out amongst competition from larger, more-established businesses.

The most enticing aspect of the network – and one which undoubtedly drives its mighty growth – is its price tag; or lack of. Free to join; F6S not only offers promotion to Startups – but Hackathons, Events, Conferences, Accelerators, Jobs, and Angel...

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Apple co-founder Woz gives his take at #AppsWorld

Speaking at AppsWorld in London, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave his thoughts on the shifting mobile industry; wearable tech, connected devices, voice assistants, the Cloud, and the iOS competition from rivals such as Android and Windows Phone.

On talking about who’s “doing the most” for mobile; Woz is still on the iOS-side of the fence for reasons of reliability. Whilst this may not necessarily be a surprising stance from an Apple founder – Steve is a man unafraid to criticise the...

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Trip Hawkins speaks about disruptive gaming and education #AppsWorld

Gaming legend and founder of industry powerhouse Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins, used his keynote at Apps World 2013 to speak about the current industry shifts within the field – alongside some powerful thoughts about how we can improve and revolutionise education.

Kicking off his speech he reiterated the power of social media; a big theme across everything Trip spoke about going forward. A memorable quote came from “in the future, everybody is a gamer.”

Already kids are growing up with...

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Microsoft’s Anand Krishnan on the UK app economy and the Windows 8 ecosystem

DeveloperTech (DT) took the opportunity to speak to Microsoft’s Anand Krishnan (AK), General Manager of the Developer and Platform Group, about new research commissioned by the Redmond-based firm; plus a discussion around the Windows 8 ecosystem (including Xbox One) and the first major update.

The research, released today, looks at how Multichannel platforms, Pace-of-Change, and Skills Gap are Impacting UK Application and Software Development Sector.

One of the main highlights is how 86% of developers...

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Google brings the ‘Experience’ back home (and to your wrist)

One of Google’s biggest assets in Android is also one of their most infuriating challenges - its openness. It’s that which allows manufacturers to skin their devices how they like; making it all the more appealing (and more functional out-the-box.)

Yet all of this also takes power away from El Goog to control the experience - especially in terms of aesthetics. When the average consumer looks at an Android OS; they are generally put-off by its skeletal-look. Unaware it can be customised.

With Android 4.4, or...

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Apps Act 2013: What you need to know

Beginning of this year, the California Attorney General issued a report entitled “Privacy on the Go” which provided much-needed recommendations as to how the mobile ecosystem should function, move forward, but do so with privacy in mind.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued its own report the next month in February; with a similar; but expanded title: “Mobile Privacy Disclosures; Building Trust Through Transparency.”

Clearly the floodgates...

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How AQuA aims to keep app developers at the top of their game

If you’re developing an app, it’s very easy to forget basic testing tasks. Even if your app has won awards, there are still areas which can be improved on.

That’s where the App Quality Alliance (AQuA), a not-for-profit association run and funded by the likes of AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Sony, comes in.

AQuA, with its App Quality Directory, provides the testing criteria so developers don’t fall down on simple errors. And with the Appsters...

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Getting developers and IT operations working together

Today’s business leaders want more innovation, faster. They know that, in order to beat competitors and continue to thrive, their organisation must excel in bringing new products and services to market at speed and on consistently exceeding customer expectations.

That puts major pressure on those responsible for developing and delivering new and enhanced software functionality for the business to use.

More frequent releases and shorter deadlines are increasingly becoming facts of life, but in the race...

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Ever wanted to mirror Android apps on a huge touchscreen?

Google’s “Open Project” allows you to sling your Android screen onto a connected touchscreen, simply, and easily.

You may be thinking this somewhat mimics the functionality offered by the (awesome) Chromecast; only instead trying to create an industry standard without another device.

To get started is easy; run the webpage on the computer attached to your screen; scan the QR code on your smartphone; then all your content is ready on the display for your engagement! It’s as easy as...

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