Microsoft's Windows 9 may retain (industry-leading) trust

A latest study by Forrester pits Microsoft as getting the only “trailblazer” status for its trust across generations – unsurprising considering Windows’ mighty install base in businesses and educational institutions around the world.

Yet Microsoft has had an indisputably bad year surrounding the release of its latest release, Windows 8, which arrived with a radical overhaul of the desktop known by users since the very early days of the Redmond-based giant.

Clearly, with only 6.89%...

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What if you could make ‘Second Life’ meet real life?

Nikon put a (fairly) realistic version of a Gizmodo writer into a game using an insane 64-camera xxArray set-up. This inspired me. Not just because, like him, I’ve always wanted to be transported into a game – but what if a virtual reality version of ourselves could follow us everywhere?

Many of us have had a virtual reality version of ourselves at some point; whether it’s for gaming-purposes such as Xbox Live Avatars,...

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Android is driving towards 1 billion users by the end of 2014

DeveloperTech reported earlier this week on Google’s announcement to bring Android to vehicles in partnership with several of the biggest car manufacturers – a perhaps inevitable next step to Andy’s (the green robot) world domination.

Whilst Android has already passed 1 billion activations since September 2012, not necessarily all of these are still active. But according to leading research firm Gartner, by the end of this year,...

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Microsoft may go free on ARM devices to boost ecosystem

Microsoft’s ARM-based platforms - Windows Phone and RT - have not exactly been the company’s most resounding successes. Now the Redmond-based giant is considering making the Operating Systems free for manufacturers; scrapping the license free currently associated.

The plan to make them free is currently under “serious consideration” by OS chief Terry Myerson and may help to counter the rising threat of Google’s Chromebook and Android.

Recent revelations show Microsoft is already preparing for their next...

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GiftGaming takes the premium out of Freemium

If you’re unaware of the current “freemium” trend; it’s the act of releasing a game or app for free then making money back through in-app purchases. The most widely-used example of this is King’s hit game; Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush is a free game which started on Facebook, then moved to mobile. Being so accessible, social, and outright addictive undoubtedly led to success for a company which was struggling financially – even grabbing the attention of typically...

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Getjar founder Ilja Laurs: There’s a revolution for developers and carriers #TTW

DeveloperTech was present at the Telecoms Tech World conference where Ilja Laurs, the founder and executive chairman of mobile app store GetJar, spoke about the issues mobile carriers face today and how developers can fit in

“A massive change, a revolution is coming,” Ilja Laurs, executive chairman and founder of GetJar explains. But how?

For mobile operators, the winds of change are upon them. Traditional monetisation solutions are no longer viable, OTT players such as Skype, Viber and...

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What’s the value of Operator APIs for developers?

It is well known in the developer and API space that carriers or mobile network operators (MNOs) lost a lot of power and mindshare among developers. That is for several reasons, which I will not discuss here in detail. Several years back MNOs were the main providers of platforms and distribution channels for developers, which also created some lock-ins. With the advent of centralised mobile app stores not operated by MNOs, this situation changed drastically and new business models within that now quite complex space of

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Wearable tech too expensive for consumer take-up, research reveals

Even though wearable technology is one of the hottest tech trends right now, consumers simply won’t go for it unless it becomes more affordable.

That’s the finding from GfK research, which polled 1600 UK and US adults in September and found that even though awareness was high, prices were too steep for serious consumer adoption.

The figures do make for interesting reading, with 7% of 16-24 year olds surveyed owning wearable technology, and 6% of the general population on board. This includes the...

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“Program, or be programmed” – Why we need to teach code

As a big supporter of the new curriculum, which is finally introducing programming skills into compulsory education from September 2014, DeveloperTech is all for any scheme which gives kids that same advantage from today; preventing them ending up on the “scrap heap”.

Milverton Wallace (MW), a man who’s been around development for a while, is launching one of these new schemes at “The North Library” in Holloway, London called “Wizzie Wizzie Coding Club”.

DeveloperTech (DT) caught...

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