New Wix app market gives devs big monetisation opportunities

DIY web publisher Wix has announced the launch of its app market, which allows the integration of third party apps to its website builder.

Garnering support from the likes of Instagram, Tumblr and SoundCloud, the Wix App Market will allow devs to offer apps to a user base of 25 million and counting worldwide.

Combined with this, the Israeli based start-up has released its latest software development kit (SDK), which can be seen here.

Wix, who back in July developed...

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W3C HTML Working Group's 2014 HTML5 plan mapped out

"Challenges remain", but HTML WG confident on hitting 2014 completion date

The HTML Working Group, on request from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), has announced an official plan to move the HTML5 spec to ‘Candidate Recommendation’ (CR) by 2014.

'Candidate Recommendation', in other words, is a complete, finalised standard. HTML WG "sought to produce a plan that achieves this date and has minimal risk of delays from unexpected events", according to...

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Application Craft’s DIY app builder aims to "kill" dev complexity

‘Build once, deploy everywhere’ platform to ensure cross-platform app building without unnecessary complexity – but is this good or bad?

UK-based startup Application Craft has launched its cloud-based development platform, designed to create simple, yet powerful development tools for devs of all skill levels.

Application Craft allows for cross platform development of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

However unlike other DIY app platforms, AC does require at least a working knowledge of JavaScript,...

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Taking the FT web app to Windows 8: Jim Cresswell, FTLabs #AppsWorld

Ask people to name a successful web app and, maybe eight out of ten times, they’ll mention the FT’s HTML5 app.

Deployed in the summer of 2011, the app became the first from a major brand to shun the various app stores and offer their users a tailored brand experience through a browser, across a tablet, smartphone or PC, using a single log-in and a single subscription.

DeveloperTech caught up with Jim Cresswell, one of the top Web App Developers at FTLabs,...

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Atari and Microsoft’s HTML5-fuelled retro gaming for IE

API will also be made available for third party devs to submit games

Atari, the type of company which will garner nostalgia-soaked affection or complete indifference dependent on your age, has teamed up with Microsoft to release a series of classic games for Internet Explorer which utilises HTML5.

The two companies have aligned with developer Grant Skinner, whose site proclaims “our site is simple because we are very busy building cool stuff for our fantastic clients”, to release an Atari Arcade...

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Facebook bins HTML5 and goes native for its iOS app

Facebook’s iOS app has been completely rehauled, going native instead of the original scaled up HTML5 to ensure a quicker app experience for users.

But as another story about Facebook targeting the mobile arena breaks – is this the right decision?

“One of the biggest advantages we’ve gained from building on native iOS has been the ability to make the app fast,” says Facebook developer Jonathan Dann in an engineers’ blog post.

User experience (UX) appears to be the most...

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Forrester report proposes continued HTML5 adoption

Industry at ‘inflection point’ as HTML5 ‘fast becoming de facto standard’

A report from market researchers Forrester has implored companies to embrace the current Web standards – in other words, bring HTML5 in and leave the likes of Flash to go.

The report by Peter Sheldon, entitled ‘The coming of HTML5’, notes that “the tide is turning”, citing companies such as Apple, Best Buy and Rue La La who are beginning to embrace HTML5.

Apple’s adoption perhaps isn’t...

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W3C tells their side of the story: the future of HTML5

Following the supposed ‘split’ between the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) over their visions for HTML5, the W3C has made strides in reinforcing their canonical specification.

The W3C has appointed four editors for their spec, aiding the consortium in their quest to develop a stable standard for HTML5 by 2014.

The editors in question cover a wide range of the spectrum:

  • Travis Leithead and Erika Doyle Navara from Microsoft;
  • Ted O’Connor, an Apple employee;
  • Silvia Pfeiffer,...

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