Arm’s new upscaler promises PC-quality graphics on mobile

Arm has introduced an open-source solution aimed at enhancing graphics upscaling on mobile devices. The solution promises to bring PC-quality gaming experiences to smartphones while optimising performance and power consumption.

‘Arm Accuracy Super Resolution’ (Arm ASR) is a temporal upscaler, which combines information from multiple frames to generate high-quality images from lower resolution targets. This approach allows game developers to render graphics at lower resolutions...

Mozilla ramps up Manifest V3 support in Firefox

Mozilla continues to increase Manifest V3 (MV3) support for add-on developers, with recent Firefox releases introducing key improvements aimed at enhancing Chrome compatibility and user experience.

Building upon previous work in Firefox 126, the release of Firefox 127 this week brought several notable enhancements.

One significant update involves keyboard shortcuts for extensions.

"Customised keyboard shortcuts associated with the executebrowser_action command...

Microsoft unveils DirectSR to unify super resolution technologies

Microsoft has announced the preview release of DirectSR, a new API designed to standardise super resolution (SR) support in Direct3D 12 titles. The company has collaborated with AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA to build this API, enabling developers to seamlessly leverage their in-market upscaling technologies through a common set of inputs and outputs.

DirectSR aims to simplify the integration of SR by providing a single code path to exercise DLSS Super Resolution, FidelityFX Super...

Google continues AI push with new Gemini tools for developers

Google kicked off its annual I/O developer conference with a clear emphasis on AI, unveiling a suite of new Gemini-powered solutions to empower developers.

At the forefront is an expansion of Google's Gemini language model, including the public preview of 1.5 Flash which is designed for high-frequency tasks. Developers can join a waitlist to preview a groundbreaking two million context window for 1.5 Pro.

"Streamline workflows and optimise AI-powered applications with...

Stack Overflow and OpenAI partner to empower developers

Stack Overflow and OpenAI have announced a partnership that aims to provide developers with accurate and vetted solutions by integrating Stack Overflow's OverflowAPI and validated technical knowledge into OpenAI's products, including ChatGPT.

Brad Lightcap, COO at OpenAI, said: "Learning from as many languages, cultures, subjects, and industries as possible ensures that our models can serve everyone. The developer community is particularly important to both of us. Our deep...

Stable Diffusion 3 API delivers powerful image generation

Stability AI is providing the next iteration of its powerful text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion 3, to developers through its API and an innovative new creation platform.

Stable Diffusion 3 was unveiled in February alongside an early preview for a limited group of developers. Today’s announcement will help it to compete with major industry players such as OpenAI's DALL-E 3 and Midjourney v6. 

According to Stability AI, the latest version of Stable Diffusion...

GitHub updates Innovation Graph with latest developer trends

GitHub's Innovation Graph has been updated with data from Q4 2023, offering a comprehensive view of global developer activity over the past four years.

The latest findings highlight the increasing popularity of AI among developers, leading to a rise in project documentation. This trend is attributed to the widespread use of chat-based generative AI tools like GitHub Copilot Chat and ChatGPT.

"While we recognise that it's not a panacea, perhaps generative AI technologies...

Bitwarden strengthens passwordless authentication with magic links API

Credential management firm Bitwarden has announced an enhancement to its platform with the release of a magic links API.

Bitwarden’s latest offering empowers developers to seamlessly integrate passwordless authentication into their applications, providing a more secure and user-friendly experience for end-users.

The magic links API enables developers to send unique one-time-use links via email, allowing users to securely access their accounts or easily...

Use open-source digital twins to track live systems

Recent technology innovations have made real-time monitoring of live systems easier and more powerful. Digital twins are one of the latest game-changing technologies.

The Digital Twin Consortium defines digital twins as virtual representations of real-world entities and processes, synchronised at a specified frequency and fidelity. They use real-time and historical data to represent the past and present and simulate predicted futures.

Michael Grieves first introduced the...

Google improves Android device orientation accuracy

Google has announced a new device orientation solution for Android map developers called the Fused Orientation Provider (FOP) API in Play services. This API aims to provide more consistent and high-performance device orientation capabilities across devices.

“Device orientation, or attitude, is used as an input signal for many use cases: virtual or augmented reality, gesture detection, or compass and navigation – any time the app needs the orientation of a device in relation to...