Optus breach is a wake-up call for secure coding practices

A “coding error” in Optus Mobile's systems led to a massive data breach affecting over nine million customers, sparking a lawsuit from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The case, filed under number VID429/2024 in the Federal Court of Australia, highlights the severe consequences of software vulnerabilities in large-scale systems.

The breach, which affected over nine million Optus users, was caused by a seemingly simple coding error—a stark...

Nokia and Google Cloud partner to equip developers with 5G app tools

Nokia and Google Cloud partner to equip developers with 5G app tools

Nokia has announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at equipping developers worldwide with the necessary network software tools to create innovative new 5G enterprise and consumer applications faster for their customers.

A key component is that Nokia's Network as Code platform, along with its developer portal, will now run on Google Cloud. This enhances the developer experience by providing access to Google Cloud's data, generative AI solutions, and capabilities...

Mozilla ramps up Manifest V3 support in Firefox

Mozilla continues to increase Manifest V3 (MV3) support for add-on developers, with recent Firefox releases introducing key improvements aimed at enhancing Chrome compatibility and user experience.

Building upon previous work in Firefox 126, the release of Firefox 127 this week brought several notable enhancements.

One significant update involves keyboard shortcuts for extensions.

"Customised keyboard shortcuts associated with the executebrowser_action command...

SlashData: Rust sees fastest growth, JavaScript still dominates

According to SlashData's findings, the JavaScript community grew by an impressive four million users in the past 12 months, solidifying its status as the most widely-used programming language globally.

Here is a breakdown of the size of various programming language communities:

JavaScript: 25.2 million developers Python: 18.2 million developers Java: 17.7 million developers C++: 11.6 million developers C#: 10.2 million developers PHP: 9.8 million...

Hackers are increasingly exploiting packers to spread malware

Cybersecurity researchers from Check Point have uncovered an increasing trend of hackers exploiting commercial packing tools like BoxedApp to conceal and distribute various malware strains. Over the past year, a significant surge in the abuse of BoxedApp products has been observed, particularly in attacks targeting financial institutions and government organisations.

BoxedApp offers a range of commercial packers – including BoxedApp Packer and BxILMerge – which provide...

‘Impact Engineering’ development approach outperforms Agile

The Agile Manifesto has shaped software development for over 21 years. However, empirical research into its real-world effectiveness remains scarce. Recent findings highlight a pressing concern: 81% of business decision-makers in the UK and 89% in the USA worry about on-time software project delivery within their organisations.

A new study, conducted for the book "Impact Engineering," reveals that 65% of software projects using Agile principles fail to meet deadlines, budgets, and...

Apple updates Developer app ahead of WWDC 2024

Apple has released an update to its Apple Developer app in preparation for WWDC 2024, scheduled to commence next Monday.

The revamped Developer app will serve as the hub for 2024 session videos, 1-on-1 labs with Apple engineers and designers, and additional resources. Apple will stream the WWDC keynote event, the Platforms State of the Union, and other developer sessions throughout the week via the app.

With the update, Apple has introduced new features and enhancements...

Angel Montesdeoca, IBM: The role of AI in modern software development

In an interview ahead of Digital Transformation Week, Angel Montesdeoca, Program Director of Product Management for watsonx Code Assistant at IBM, discussed the company's approach to integrating AI into software development tools and accelerating the application lifecycle.

The age of generative AI 

According to Montesdeoca, we are living in "the age of generative AI" with huge investments being made in infrastructure, applications, and AI models across the tech industry....

Microsoft unveils DirectSR to unify super resolution technologies

Microsoft has announced the preview release of DirectSR, a new API designed to standardise super resolution (SR) support in Direct3D 12 titles. The company has collaborated with AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA to build this API, enabling developers to seamlessly leverage their in-market upscaling technologies through a common set of inputs and outputs.

DirectSR aims to simplify the integration of SR by providing a single code path to exercise DLSS Super Resolution, FidelityFX Super...

GitHub Copilot gains extensions as GitHub and FileZilla face malware exploits

As GitHub Copilot gains extensions, GitHub and FileZilla face malware exploits

GitHub has announced a new feature that enables developers to extend Copilot with third-party skills, providing an extra layer of customisation.

At this year's Build conference, it announced the acquisition of a conversational assistant tool company called Semantic Machines to help enhance its products. GitHub's "AI pair programming tool," Copilot, also grabbed significant attention with the launch of its Copilot Extension. This new feature allows developers to extend Copilot...