Tips on monetising apps with mobile advertising

Top mobile advertising tips for mobile apps developers

Mobile developers rarely create apps out of the kindness of their hearts: they want to make money out of a market that the IAB estimates at $5.3 billion globally.

But while mobile developers can create their apps easily enough, they may not be experts at monetising them. If you’re a developer who wants direction, here are some key points to consider when incorporating ads.

The basics: Clickthrough rate x price x fill rate

Clickthrough rate is most...

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Most smartphone users too tight to pay for apps

The meteoric rise in the popularity of apps has not translated into spending behaviour with users, new research has confirmed.

Over 70% of smartphone users spend little or nothing on mobile apps, according to US analyst firm ABI Research, with the top-spending 3% of users generating 20% of app revenue.

Among these paying users, the mean spend was $14 per month. However, the median amount among the consumers who spend money on apps is much lower than that average, just $7.50 per month.

“This reflects the...

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Access rich media ad revenues with Adfonic SDK 2.0

The mobile advertising specialist Adfonic has announced the availability of its new SDK 2.0 for Android and iOS, allowing developers and mobile marketers to take advantage of its latest range of video and rich media mobile ad options.

The newly available SDK is compliant with the IAB’s MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) standard, a common API for mobile rich media ads that run in mobile apps.  MRAID aims to reduce the complexity of running rich media campaigns by establishing a...

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Samsung launches its own mobile ad exchange

Samsung is to launch its own mobile ad exchange to rival similar offerings from Google and Apple.

The Korean device manufacturer announced a partnership with OpenX Technologies, to launch Samsung AdHub Market later this year. The move is an expansion of Samsung’s recent push to enable AdHub advertising on its smart TV devices, allowing marketers to deliver targeted interactive content like video and 3D.

With the OpenX partnership, Samsung AdHub is expanding its capabilities to include an integrated RTB...

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Girls Around Me devs hit back at stalker critics #BrandingFail

I-Free, the Russian dev house behind the “Girls Around Me” app has fired back at criticism that its app was simply a tool for weird men to ‘stalk’ women.

The app, which had been downloaded from Apple’s App Store over 70,000 times but has now been removed, mashed location data from Foursquare with public Facebook information to show users, presumably guys, which women had checked into local bars, providing their profile images and sometimes relationship status.

Foursquare has now...

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How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

Netflix offers me the film Lethal Weapon because I like 48 Hours, or recommends the TV program Burn Notice because I like Mad Men and Arrested Development. The predictions are sometimes pretty close to the mark, sometimes seriously off-target, but usually entertaining.


In contrast, MOG thinks, “Since...

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