Windows 8 devs bemoaning lack of ad money

Many developers rely on in-app advertising to fund development; from initial release through to expansion. Windows 8 developers have been wondering, where has their ad revenue has gone?

The advertisements provided in both Windows 8 and mobile OS equivalent Windows Phone 8 is provided by pubCenter.

Since March 31 however, these ads are just not being displayed. Potentially apps which should be getting millions of impressions aren’t converting into cash.

So what’s happening? Despite many posts on...

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Best practices to make your social app a global success

In 2012, Facebook dominated the social networking space on mobile devices, accounting for 85% of usage in North America and occupying the #1 position in most markets. The penetration of other social apps in the west has slowed down considerably due to FB’s dominance, and according to eMarketer, market growth is expected to drop from 50% in 2011 to 18% in 2014. However, in 2013, Asian Newbies such as Line and Kakao seem to have redefined social networking on mobile. With 74 million users in less than 18...

Twitter introduces updated Cards to help app developers

Twitter Cards, a feature of the micro blogging site which allows tweets to be expanded, has rolled out an extension of its service to include apps, products and photo galleries.

This will be very good news for app developers as their app details, as well as links to the requisite Google Play or App Store page, will be available if a user expands a tweet containing a link to participating sites.

The App Card, which is only available for special approval at the moment and only on Android and iOS mobile clients,...

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How are companies utilising gamification in 2013?

Gamification as a marketing strategy is nothing new, but with its increasing popularity with all kinds of businesses – both B2B and B2C – it’s a technique to look out for this year.

What does it mean?

Basically, gamification is the application of game-design thinking in non-gaming contexts. This can be used with many different types of business processes, and can be aimed at getting both employees and customers to...

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Extending the momentum of your newly launched app

Yes, you have a great app, but are you sure users are seeing it? With the number of active apps crossing 760,000 on App Store and 675,000 on Google Play, every new app is facing severe competition to be discovered. With an average of 921 new apps being launched per day, an app stores is an ocean of apps that is growing larger by the day and the threat of being lost amidst...

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9 tips for successful pre-launch app marketing #AppsWorld

Like any other product, applications need the support of solid marketing copy and eye catching visual advertisement/ promotional components. Whether it’s via social media, right on the app store, or anywhere online these materials are normally the first point of consumer-product interaction and they need to pique their interest.

Your copy needs be engaging, built around effective SEO keywords, and optimized so shoppers are primed to stumble across it searching app stores and the web alike for products...

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