Report shows in-app purchases to be most lucrative

Have you noticed the rise in applications making use of in-app purchases? A new report from VentureBeat Intel shows these developers have good reason to implement them; after all, they are by far the most lucrative method of monetisation.

The report collates data taken from 176 various developers across 1,000 different games to get a clear idea of how others can profit from their works.

It takes into account the cost-effectiveness of implementing the various methods...

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3 ways to pick the right keywords to enhance Android apps' success

App Store Optimization is a term that many of you are now aware of and want to do right. The way in which app stores allow your app to be searched for changes from time to time, but if you get the basics right you will most certainly be enhancing your app’s likelihood to be found in an organic search in a crowded app market.

Choosing the right

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Are you an Android app content thief? Avoid copyright issues

The first impression of your Android app is what is going to drag your audience to your app and make them want to download your app, it will also help keep your audience if they see that your app is set up in an easy to use manner and is pleasing to the eye. However, don’t you just love that there is always a ‘however’, your app’s appearance isn’t the only thing that will keep your app audience happy, it is your content that they will be most interested in once they have...

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7 ways to beat the competition – Marketing your Android App

How many apps are there currently in the Android app market, including all the Android stores, Google Play, Amazon, Get Jar and more? The answer is too many to count, there are literally hundred of thousands of apps that you need to compete with to get your app visible. In order to ensure that your app is successful you need to ensure that your free Android app is unique and stands out from the crowd.

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Microsoft's Windows 9 may retain (industry-leading) trust

A latest study by Forrester pits Microsoft as getting the only “trailblazer” status for its trust across generations – unsurprising considering Windows’ mighty install base in businesses and educational institutions around the world.

Yet Microsoft has had an indisputably bad year surrounding the release of its latest release, Windows 8, which arrived with a radical overhaul of the desktop known by users since the very early days of the Redmond-based giant.

Clearly, with only 6.89%...

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Android is driving towards 1 billion users by the end of 2014

DeveloperTech reported earlier this week on Google’s announcement to bring Android to vehicles in partnership with several of the biggest car manufacturers – a perhaps inevitable next step to Andy’s (the green robot) world domination.

Whilst Android has already passed 1 billion activations since September 2012, not necessarily all of these are still active. But according to leading research firm Gartner, by the end of this year,...

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8 tips that you must follow when using Social Media for your app business

We have been looking recently at using social media as your main marketing tool, after all, where else will you find a marketing tool that is as strong as social media and comes for free? The power of social media however, is not always a good thing, one mistake and your business can be seriously damaged, sometimes I would go as far as saying destroyed.

Today we are going to look at the do’s and the don’ts of social media with the aim to educate you enough to ensure that you do not fall into the...

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Choosing your app’s title and icon: The do’s and don’ts


After spending months (or even years) programming an application, you may think that finally choosing a title for your app and slapping on an icon will be the easiest part of the process. But, choosing an effective title and icon is a deceptively simple process. Occasionally, you or a member of your team will be inspired and come up with the best...

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GiftGaming takes the premium out of Freemium

If you’re unaware of the current “freemium” trend; it’s the act of releasing a game or app for free then making money back through in-app purchases. The most widely-used example of this is King’s hit game; Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush is a free game which started on Facebook, then moved to mobile. Being so accessible, social, and outright addictive undoubtedly led to success for a company which was struggling financially – even grabbing the attention of typically...

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