Mobile trends 2013: Engagement and activation

We thought we’d ask mobile experts the world over what surprised them about the past year, what they expected in the coming year and what they think needs a bit more attention. Today’s interview is with Patrick Meyer author of Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile.

What surprised you about the mobile advertising industry in the past year?

For four years, Steve Jobs drove mobile/tablet innovation with smart, user-savvy, industry eclipsing solutions. Then, with his passing, the company gets cautious, conservative in its introductions and...

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Smart decisions to give your new app the best chance in the ecosystem

adeven’s CTO and co-founder, Paul Müller, gives insider tips on how to give your new app the best chance in the ecosystem.

Making an app is a very personal experience. It can be devastating to see your new app join the thousands of zombie apps that do not secure an App Store rank, or to realise that more money was spent on development and marketing than it will ever generate in its lifetime.

There are free tools out there such as apptrace, which help developers and...

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Beginners tips: Creating the right content for your Android app

Well done for getting to this stage in your app making. By now you will have already decided what subject you are creating an app about and who your audience is. Now what you need to do is decide how to create the correct content for your app to keep your audience interested. When you create content for your app you need to consider both the internal and external content for your Android app. External content is the content that is seen prior to the app being installed; the app name, the app icon and the app description, this is what wraps up your app, the...

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Twilio: How to make friends and influence developers

Cloud telecoms communication pioneers Twilio aren’t just bringing their messaging and voice APIs to Europe, they’re bringing their personable, evangelist-based community engagement approach too.

If you follow what goes on in Silicon Valley, you’ll be aware of Twilio. A US start-up that's made waves across the telecoms and cloud communications space providing cloud APIs for developers and businesses to integrate SMS, VoIP and voice calls into mobile, web and desktop...

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Play Store introduces try-before-you-buy on in-app subscriptions

Google has introduced a new feature to the Play store that allows developers to offer users trial access to in-app subscription content before they buy it.

Users will have the opportunity to sample the content for a period of time set by the developer, minimum seven days.

The user has to first purchase the content, but at a price of £00.00. Access is then free until the users cancels, or until the end of trial period, at which point the billing system kicks in, charging to a card that the user was...

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Building stronger brands with the most influential consumer segment: "Mobile Mothers"

Mobile Mothers in the US are an increasingly important demographic for marketers. According to BSM media, U.S. moms control $2.4 trillion in household purchases every year and wield greater influence over most everyday buying decisions. As avid users of digital media, mothers are turning to smartphones to help organize their activities.

Their ability to research purchases combined with their spending power gain marketers’ attention and provides a great opportunity for marketers to engage with moms in a...

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Four hidden factors that can hurt your app sales

Sales may be everything, but are they the only thing? If you’re only tracking downloads and sales of your mobile app, you’re missing out on important measures of how it’s performing.

These four important factors can tell you if more paying customers are on the way or if your marketing is falling flat. They can show you where to put your time and money, and which efforts aren’t working as planned.

As the App Store and Google Play continue to get more competitive and app marketers get...

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NDA template for game and app developers

Here is a game companies NDA to use for your app and videogame reviews. It is an original Non Disclosure Agreement forwarded to us by an App Development Studio. I have of course taken names of Companies and individuals out of the NDA so you can use it for your own Game Studio's purposes.

The original idea behind this conractual agreement between the game review site and the game developer was to allow us to Test Their App without fear of disclosing game secrets. It is a standard NDA so can be used for the...

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Tapjoy launches $5m Asian developer support fund

Tapjoy, the mobile monetisation and ad platform has announced a $5m fund aimed at supporting developers throughout Asia creating and marketing free-to-play Android and iOS gaming apps.

The Tapjoy Asia Fund will offer cash, advice and marketing support to both new and established developers.

The scheme offers access to working capital, access to Tapjoy’s ad platform and the use of advertising marketplace, both for monetisation and user acquisition....

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Using a Guest Post to Promote Your App

One way to get attention for an app is to post a guest post on someone else’s blog. It’s not difficult to do. The basic process is this:

  • Find a blog that posts related material.
  • Approach the blog owner and offer them a post that adds value.
  • Write a post that fits the blog’s style and purpose.
  • Send it to them.
  • That sounds very easy, but there are a lot of complications in the process. First, you’ll want to do a lot of research to find blogs that are related to your...

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