Apple maintains lead in tablet share but Android catching up

A new report from ABI Research has revealed that Apple has lost some of its huge tablet lead, however it still beats the rest of the competition.

As part of ABI Research’s Media Tablets and eReaders research service, the report finds that Apple had 55% tablet shipments, although that share is the lowest since Apple launched the iPad in 2010.

Android, contrastingly, has 44% tablet shipment share. Nearly 14% of Apple’s share was given up to competitors such as Amazon, Google and Samsung.

In other...

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What does the new iPad mini mean for developers?

By Mubaloo developers David Dixon and James Frost

Yesterday in San Jose, Apple revealed its latest addition to the tablet family, the iPad mini, along with the debut of the fourth-generation iPad, a new 13-inch retina display MacBook and a new iMac.

Apple revealed that there have been over 35 billion downloads on the App Store, that there are 200 million devices running iOS 6 and that there have been 100 million iPads sold to date. This latest move is a bid to ensure the firm continues to dominate the tablet...

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Game dev rejection sparks debate on in-app purchases

Be careful what you say, the App Store police is onto you

Game developer Terry Cavanagh had his game, Don’t Look Back, rejected from the App Store for a potentially unique reason: the game’s accompanying text carried negative opinion about in-app purchases.

The 8-bit platform game was submitted to various app stores with the following description from Cavanagh: “A game about fantasy, Don’t Look Back is short game I made in 2009.

“This is a completely free game, not “free to...

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Web Platform Docs aims to give devs info in one place

The W3C’s Web Platform Docs, a site aiming to be the first port of call for web development materials, has launched with support from Silicon Valley’s finest and huge browsers alike.

The site describes itself on its homepage as “an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform”, and it’s a message that all the major players can get behind.

When you’ve got the likes of Google,...

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What does the iPhone 5 mean for developers?

By James Frost, iOS developer, Mubaloo

Yesterday in San Francisco, Apple unveiled its latest member of the iPhone family, the iPhone 5. Many have complained the latest update “lacks wow”, that there’s not much to it, nothing groundbreaking, but actually I think this is to do with our expectations and the hype surrounding Apple.

The actual technology used in the iPhone 5 is arguably the best on the market but because our expectations are set so...

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Developers warn App Store has been corrupting apps

A suspected glitch in Apple’s App Store has meant that various newly-released apps were corrupted upon download despite clean installs – and this has obviously angered developers.

Instapaper creator Marco Arment was the first to highlight the problem, and now many others have joined him.

On his official blog, Arment noted that as Apple had reviewed it, and with the submitted archive working perfectly off Xcode, it wasn’t a problem at his...

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Brightcove announces free HTML5 content app platform

The online video platform Brightcove has announced its free App Cloud Core platform, an open source software development kit (SDK) with HTML5 compatibility.

In their keynote session at the Play 2012 global customer conference Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire said, “The whole platform is open. We believe there are millions of web developers who should be unleashed into the app economy and we want to help them do that”.

The platform has vastly...

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Apple needs permission before apps access personal data in iOS 6

Earlier this year, Apple came under fire from consumers advocates and Congress after it was discovered that apps, most notably Path, were uploading users’ entire address books to their servers without alerting users or asking for authorization.

Path deleted the information, but a pair of U.S. Congressmen sent a letter to Apple asking for information on the company’s data collection policies.

More recently,...

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What are you expecting from WWDC 2012?

Apple has revealed the schedule for its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco next month, but said nothing about whether we can expect any old-school Apple proeduct launch magic...

Exact details are sketchy at best, with the company remaining tight-lipped on who will be on stage or what will be announced or discussed. Though speculation has been rife that the conference might get to slap eyes on the new iPhone, and the company has launched iPhones at...

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Innovative smartphone and tablet patents from Microsoft


New technology patents from Microsoft might take Apple's iPad dominance and iPhone smartphone dominance out of the game. Apple has long been one of the favourite manufacturers of Mobile phones and tablets (especially with the new iPad 3 (HD) rapidly flying off Smartphone retailers shelves.However iOS powered products whilst still being brilliant in recent years have tended to be evolutions of good ideas and not revolutions. News of dual display Smartphones and tablet patents applied for by  Microsoft may be the...

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