Updates from Google and Apple: What developers can expect

There have been rumours as well as public announcements from both Apple and Google over the past few days. For Apple, rumours have been circling almost non-stop about iOS 8, the new update to Apple’s mobile operating system. On Google’s front, the company just announced some major updates for Google Play game services ahead of the Game Developers Conference this week.

What iOS Devs Should Watch Out For:

Though the official announcement of iOS 8 is...

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iOS8: What we know so far…

It’s that time of year again when rumours start circulating about what Apple has in-store for the next major upgrade of iOS, and when people start deciding (ahead of release) whether it’s going to be a success or the complete and sudden fall of the house of Apple…

iOS7 added little in terms of user-facing functionality – instead focusing efforts on a complete ‘flat’ redesign and removing the skeuomorphic design of Forstall’s time at Cupertino.

Without being given any...

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Apple’s CarPlay turns your ride into an iVehicle

Announced back at last year’s WWDC, Apple has finally given more details on bringing a native iOS experience to automotives. Supported vehicles from partners; Ferrari, Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and several more are expected soon…

With a simplistic and recognisable iOS UI, ‘CarPlay’ is designed “from the ground up” to provide a seamless experience between phone and vehicle.

Offering both touch and Siri...

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iOS apps suffer security problems

iOS App SecurityMobile app security is a growing concern, but most companies are still struggling to keep up. Android has traditionally been the operating system associated with mobile security issues, but recent stats released by HP prove that iOS developers are also fighting an uphill battle.



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Apple co-founder Woz gives his take at #AppsWorld

Speaking at AppsWorld in London, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave his thoughts on the shifting mobile industry; wearable tech, connected devices, voice assistants, the Cloud, and the iOS competition from rivals such as Android and Windows Phone.

On talking about who’s “doing the most” for mobile; Woz is still on the iOS-side of the fence for reasons of reliability. Whilst this may not necessarily be a surprising stance from an Apple founder – Steve is a man unafraid to criticise the...

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Why iBeacons has developers excited about Bluetooth Low Energy

The iPhone 4S was the first commercial product to ship with Bluetooth 4.0. At the time, the technology got some attention from industry observers who speculated about its potential - especially around a new technology called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Since it was released devices such as FitBit, UP and the Pebble SmartWatch have helped to demonstrate some of the possibilities of the technology. With iOS 7, Apple is extending the possibilities of BLE with iBeacons.


Originally a Nokia...

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How speech recognition software brings the conversation to consumers

Automated phone lines have been infuriating customers for decades, the press is littered with horror stories of long wait times and customers trapped in an endless automated maze. For years app developers have been trying to solve this problem by creating a tool for consumers that is inherently simple but can process complex information succinctly.

The logical way of extending the user interface to achieve this goal is to create a tool that facilitates interaction around conversation. The human brain...

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Apple’s leading the 64-bit era, even if the iPhone 5S isn’t

Cupertino-based Apple doesn’t usually take a gamble when it comes to new mobile technology – but when they do, they make it work.

It happened with multi-touch; defining a new era where now almost everyone has a touch-based handset from various manufacturers.

Now it may happen again.

At their recent keynote, Apple announced the flagship iPhone 5S which came with the expected yearly speed bump. What many didn’t expect, would be the arrival of the first 64-bit processor in a consumer mobile...

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Apple acquires Embark – Back to fight for Maps title?

Whilst Embark could simply be another acquisition by Apple which we won’t see anything productive from for a long time – personally, I think this could be one we’ll see sooner rather than later.

Apple’s in-house mapping solution has been improving rapidly since its disastrous start, but even the most diehard fanbois will likely still have Google Maps installed on their devices.

After all, the company has had years of advantage; bolstering a library of not only unbeatable core maps, but also 3D...

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