How tough is it for new devs to crack the App Store?

Only 2% of the top 250 developers in the iOS App Store for the US are new publications, according to a report from app tracker Distimo.

The report, entitled ‘The New Apps in the Crowd’, considers ‘new’ to be anything beyond October 2012, as the research covered app stores for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Google Play, between October and January.

Of course it’s great to get your app featured in the App Store, but if you’re starting out and looking to develop for iOS, the...

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Developer claims a “massive privacy issue” in Google Play

An Australian app developer has written a blog post claiming Google has made a “massive oversight” in sending developers personal data of those who download Android apps in Google Play without users’ permission.

Dan Nolan, creator of the Paul Keating Insult Generator app paying homage to the former Australian Prime Minister, found the discovery after creating the already successful iOS app for Android.

Keating’s famously abrasive style of political debate, including calling then-Leader...

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How to protect your app from the app store chaos [infographic]

Mobile application performance management platform Crittercism has released research showcasing the latest app performance trends.

Crittercism reveals that Android has a 1.76% crash rate, compared to iOS with a 1.98% crash rate. In terms of specific models, Crittercism found that iOS 5.0.1 was the most friendly Apple OS, with 4.1 Jelly Bean being the best performing Droid system.

On the flip side, iOS 4.1 and 2.3.1 Gingerbread were the most crash-happy – perhaps understandable, given the OS’...

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Smart decisions to give your new app the best chance in the ecosystem

adeven’s CTO and co-founder, Paul Müller, gives insider tips on how to give your new app the best chance in the ecosystem.

Making an app is a very personal experience. It can be devastating to see your new app join the thousands of zombie apps that do not secure an App Store rank, or to realise that more money was spent on development and marketing than it will ever generate in its lifetime.

There are free tools out there such as apptrace, which help developers and...

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Apple’s App Store passes the 40bn download mark

Apple announces 40bn app downloads from the App Store, while a forecast suggests Google Play will hit one million live apps by June – so who’s going to win the app store war?

Apple has announced that users have downloaded a total of 40 billion apps from the App Store, with two billion downloads in December – a record for a single month.

This may not be surprising news, particularly given a blog post...

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Making sense of the Android app markets

So you think that all the work is over now that you have created your app? Well, it is not quite over until your app is being downloaded and used in one of the Android app markets. Before you get started on publishing your app you need to understand what Android app markets really means.

What are Android App Markets?

App markets are places where you go to find,...

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How cycles, trends and life changes affect your app

An app really takes a solid year to learn about its life cycle and trends.  Too many new app developers tend to think that an app only has life during the first initial offering of the app and then its over.  On the contrary, most apps actually work with a yearly seasonal pattern that can be tracked.  Using this tracking you can capitalize on various times of the year or trends when you will most likely be able to push an app that is getting noticed even though it was hard to find...

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FTC says app developers not taking child privacy seriously

A recent staff report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revealed “little progress” by app developers in keeping parents informed on data being collected from children’s apps.

The report, entitled ‘Mobile Apps for Kids: Disclosures Still Not Making the Grade’, came about from research by staff who picked 200 random apps with the key word ‘kids’ and tested them.

The research revealed some interesting statistics:

  • Only one in five apps FTC staff tested disclosed any...

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Apptrace takes the pain out of app review insight with sentiment analysis

Mobile analytics firm Adeven has unveiled a new feature of its free Apptrace service that allows developers to track the sentiment of reviews on their iOS apps from within App Store.

Their complex algorithms are capable of analysing millions of reviews a day, providing daily statistical feedback. The platform currently measures three metrics, which it gleans from the language of user reviews. These criteria are positivity, addictiveness and crash complaints.

The platform is totally free for developers to use,...

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