Android overtakes iOS as top platform for mobile advertisers

Research from advertising network Adfonic has found that, globally, Android devices are consistently hitting more ad impressions than iOS.

As part of its Global AdMetrics Report for the second quarter of this year, Android increased its share of global ad impressions from 38% to 46% in quarter 2 whilst iOS dropped from 45% to 34%.

Android continued its dominance of the North American advertising marketplace, with a whopping 63% of impressions accounted for on Android – up...

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New Firefox for Android promises quicker browsing and HTML5 support

Mozilla has released its new Firefox 14 for Android and promises a variety of new things, including new HTML5 capabilities and the quickest web browsing for Android to date.

For developers, the new browser will allow enhanced creation of rich web apps and websites based on the HTML5 standards, as well as CSS and Java.

Flash is also supported on Firefox 14, which is an interesting decision because of Flash’s general allergy to mobile devices;...

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BlackBerry developers earn more per app, survey shows

It might be lean times for RIM, but it isn’t as lean for BlackBerry developers who can get regular work.

According to a report from market analysts Vision Mobile, a BlackBerry developer would earn more money per app than his contemporaries on iOS and Android, with the BlackBerry dev taking home on average $3,853 per month compared to $3,693 for iOS and $2,735 for...

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Google Play lets developers reply to user feedback

User comments can be a powerful force for both good and evil within app stores, and Google Play is now experimenting with giving developers the ability to respond to user comments.

The functionality is already available for developers with a ‘Top Developer Badge’, hand-picked by the Google Play team, allowing them to respond to user feedback directly from within the Google Play console.

Google will notify users when a developer has responded to their comment, and will also be able to contact the...

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Eclipse report shows developers prefer to target Android

The latest Eclipse Open Source Developer Report has found that mobile app development is gaining increased prominence, with developers slightly favouring Android over iOS as the target for their apps.

“Android and Apple iOS continue to dominate as the key platforms,” said Ian Skerrett, Eclipse director of marketing, though adding: “It is a bit more surprising that more developers are not using cross-platform networks”.

43% said overall that they had developed a mobile application,...

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Android “less gain and more pain” for developers compared to iOS, says Flurry

Research from Flurry Analytics has shown that Apple’s iOS is ahead of Android as the overwhelming favourite operating system for developers because Android delivers “less gain and more pain”.

Even though Android dominates the smartphone market for users, the research noted that developers appear to prefer iOS due to reasons of convenience and money.

This isn’t the best news for Google,...

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How to generate promo codes and refund beta testers for Android apps

Getting playtesters for Android apps and giving out refunds for reviews of your Android apps is not nearly as straightforward as for iOS apps.

If you're a reviewer or beta tester for an iPhone or iPad app all you have to do is use a site like TestFlight or get the developer whose app is being tested to email you a promo code. Simple!

Perhaps that's why iOS apps are reviewed so much more often than Android apps. After all, a busy app review site can't afford the time nor money to review all the Android apps...

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Google introduces in-app subscriptions for Android

Google has announced that Google Play now supports in-app subscriptions for Android devices, meaning developers can charge users monthly or yearly through their apps.

In-app billing had been available on Play since March last year – when it was still known as the Android Market – however this new move to subscriptions will be more convenient for developers, who only need to set the billing interval and...

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HTML5 not hitting the mark on mobile gaming yet

Mobile has a long way to go to catch up with desktops and laptops in running HTML5 games, according to a report from PerfMarks.

This is the second report from with the first, released in March, concluding that iOS was far quicker with HTML5 games than Android operating systems.

However this addendum is more damning, concluding that the most up-to-date...

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